How To Achieve Success on The Life Journey

Written By: Michaelson Williams - May• 16•15

how to achieve success

How To Achieve Success on The Life Journey

How to achieve success? What is the meaning of “True Success” Achievement and where can we find the lessons which will point us in the right direction? Within every life lesson comes a duality of meaning. The meaning in the lesson flows like a river that separates moving in two different directions. The lesson is presented to us as different paths to take which will either deliver a desired or undesirable outcome. There are almost always clues along the way which will help us to stay out of treacherous waters. If we are not mindful enough to observe helpful signs while on the life journey, our decisions will be in conflict with favorable results.

Ignorance of the subtle but intuitively built-in hints of “True Success” achievement leads to being thrust into life as if trapped in a raging river with life vest and oars thrown overboard. What tools are you using to help navigate your journey? Are you letting the currents of life take you blindly where it wants to go or are you directing and mapping your future?

The answers you provide to the question above can be used as a reference point to how much action should be taken towards your current goals.


Begin To Think Differently

Than You Have In The Past

how to achieve success

So what about what people, my friends, will think of me for changing my rivers flow? Many times we fear being different when learning how to achieve success, as we think it will bring ridicule by our peers. There will always be someone who is going to disagree with you if you are doing things differently than them. I have to say to this “so what”. So what if people think you are weird or different than everyone else? So what if people think you do not fit the status quo, or that you are creating waves. If you know that what you are doing is helpful and will create positive results for you or it makes constructive contributions to the world, go for it! Thinking you are the same as everyone else will almost always assure you stay the same as everyone else. This idea can remain for most of your life or at least until deliberate change takes place. Fearing what other people think of you can lead to a lack of motivation for making changes which will create success achievement.


True Success Achievement

 Michaelson Williams - CLP- Corrective Linguistic Programming How To Achieve Your Positive Life INTUITIVELY - 483758001


We must take chances in life if we want to reveal that we have something exceptional to offer the rest of world. Never be satisfied with being a part of the average crowd and definitely never be content with the position in life which someone else has dictated for you. Create an understanding in the mind that this world needs movers and shakers. People who create and cultivate the courage to be different instead of staying the same seem to always reap the positive benefits in one form or the other. Some reap these benefits on the world stage, while others garner them on a personal level. The second quote in my book CLP is “Change Your Mind; Change Your Life Journey, Forever.” The choice is always up to you when looking to attain “True Success” as long as you are willing to face your true fears. So hopefully now you understand better how to achieve success on the journey of life.

Article by: Michaelson Williams

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Coaching vs Coasting – The Entrepreneurial Journey

Written By: Michaelson Williams - May• 02•15

entrepreneurial journey

Coaching vs Coasting – The Entrepreneurial Journey

There are entrepreneurs on the journey towards success who need an enormous amount of coaching. This may even be true for most entrepreneurs; however, there are seekers of business success who are able to coast. In other words entrepreneurs who have what seem to be a natural ability in creating success in business with great ease. Recognizing in yourself whether you are a “coaching” person or a “coasting” person can shave a great deal of time off the success one seeks on the entrepreneurial journey.

If an entrepreneur recognizes early on that he or she is a “coaching” person they will most likely need extra tools which will allow the success journey to be fulfilled more rapidly. Now the early recognition of being a “coaching” person does not mean for certain the entrepreneurial journey is going to be any easier. It also doesn’t mean the journey of being an entrepreneur will be any more difficult, shorter, or longer than a person who is a “coasting” type. In either case there could be negative life influences which dictate how much positive growth a person must to go through in order to become a strong entrepreneur.

entrepreneurial journey

If you are a “coasting” type of entrepreneur it does not mean you are going to have a shorter road to success than a “coaching” type of person. Drive, determination, and self-growth plays a significant role in the length of time it takes to achieve certain levels of success. Entrepreneurs who show great passion for what they are doing but have less tools for success can likely move forward quickly. On the other hand, someone with all the tools of success available to them but have a lack of sustainable drive and determination may not achieve any level of business success.

The diligent entrepreneur should always keep in his or her philosophy that in most cases success occurs in the mind long before it ever happens in reality. Therefore whether you are a coaching or a coasting type of entrepreneur it is wise to visualize your success first. Moreover, the visualization of this success must be sustained and should not be a fleeting thought. Those who are able to create within themselves long-standing vigilant principles of goal-setting will likely reap great rewards while on the entrepreneurial journey. These rewards will hopefully bring to the entrepreneurial spirit of a person whether “coaching” or “coasting” a great deal of satisfaction in whatever path chosen for business.

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Success At Whatever You Choose to do

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Apr• 06•15


Achievement At Whatever You Choose

Who is Participating in the Success of Masters of Mind Alliance Project?


There are all types of people from all walks of life who would be drawn to the MMA project for many different reasons. Everyone is on their own personal journey therefore reasons for entering the MMA differ greatly. The Masters of Mind Alliance project allows people from all walks of life to create community in manners which help to facilitate “True Success” for everyone. You name a group and you will likely find candidates for participating in the MMA from home makers to the homeless; billionaire to the broke; highly educated to almost no education at all. The Masters of Mind Alliance has no need to discriminate against anyone because the Positive Brain Training, True Success, learning systems can be used by anyone. Set a goal, attain it, Period.


Whos in MMAP 800You are the type of person who joins the MMA and enrolls into the ETC true attainment system of training. If you’ve ever wanted to build something true-to-self and philanthropic in nature or something everlasting, something that grows with you, this is it! The MMA is less about multi-level marketing and more about an honest conversation on building current and future sustainable growth of a new paradigm. Through this conversation, positive, intelligent thinking of many people form cohesive and collective goals structured around the True Success of each individual member. You’ll Never Be Alone!



True Success Achievement Is For Everyone.


The Masters of Mind Alliance project was formed as an economic solution as well as a solution of better happiness or “True Achievement” as it is deemed by the MMA. The project grew from an idea of using a few people and companies in building this True Success model to one which would be able to work for anyone. The MMA is a conversation between you and others with whom you are in contact throughout your day. The MMA is not a sales pitch with a typical network marketing goal of making you buy something you don’t want or need. The MMA is about adding quality of life for yourself and others like you through Positive Brain Training for “True Success”.


Succeed At Whatever You Choose.


The MMAP Learning Center

Free Course Now Open!


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Let’s Go!

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jan• 20•15

Michaelson Williams - Positive Brain Training for True Success - CLP - Corrective Linguistic Programming - How To Achieve Your Positive Life INTUITIVELY (2)

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Entrepreneurs Never Give Up Your Success Depends On It!

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jan• 02•15

 entrepreneurs never give up

Entrepreneurs Never Give Up

Life is a journey and it is one we should Never
Quit on. We are conditioned to believe
everything in life should come immediately; therefore, we find
giving-up to be rather un-daunting. Sometimes we take life for
granted and believe we are entitled to a free ride in the pursuit of
a lavish existence. Some people give up long before they are able to
realize their ability to accomplish the dream. People want everything
to be given to them on a silver platter rather than place blame
elsewhere when things don’t go as planned. Not giving up while in
pursuit of the dream life doesn’t mean working towards the goal
blindly. Never giving up means learning lessons while on the True
Success journey and taking responsibility for every pass or fail
along the way. Always plan to excel at whatever you do.

“Change Your Mind; Change Your Life Journey, Forever”

~Michaelson Williams

Entrepreneurs never give up. How does this mindset of “never giving up” apply to the entrepreneur?
As entrepreneurs searches for new business opportunities there should
be an openness of mind and patience while waiting for positive
results.If there is a business related opportunity and money isn’t
made immediately don’t fall so quickly into the negativity of
thinking “it was a scam”. While there are people who try to get
over on others there are no scams, only un-researched cons pulled on
people who are many times driven by greed. No one can pull the wool
over the eyes of an informed person. Entrepreneurs never give up and use due diligence in order to
plan your path to dream attainment and true success. With proper
knowledge and understanding of any opportunity the informed
entrepreneur can move forward into a venture without hesitation. Therefore, Entrepreneurs never give up.

entrepreneurs never give up

Never giving up as an entrepreneur means taking whatever steps necessary to
accomplish ones goal in life. The goal need not be large in its
inception. How large or small the goal is only matters to the
conscious mind. The unconscious mind couldn’t care less. If the
conscious mind recognizes a goal as something unattainable this
increases the chances of quitting. Notice I did not say failure as
quitting and failure are not the same, one being deliberate, the
other being sometimes essential to True Success. When the entrepreneur
learns to use principles which are not driven consciously; this
allows the subconscious to move more effortlessly towards goal
attainment. Therefore: entrepreneurs never give up as energy invested initially to
realize True Success will reveal itself through positive results
springing forth unconsciously.

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Mentor / Mentoring Relationships for Success

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Nov• 20•14

mentoring relationships for success

Mentor / Mentoring Relationships for Success

Acting as a adviser to a person is not difficult at all; however, being a average advise giver versus becoming an excellent mentor can be a dramatically different undertaking. Not all mentoring is the same or even helpful if the mentor chosen is not an expert at his or her position or craft. Good mentors lead by example and advise others people who may use their knowledge in an encouraging manner geared towards success. How important is a mentor’s knowledge when contributing to the benefit of others? The knowledgeable information and relationship which can be obtained from a masterful thinker can potentially be worth millions of dollars. Entrepreneurs’ who recognize the importance of connecting with a mentor potentially gain superior success knowledge not realized by those who do not seek mentoring… Read the rest of mentor mentoring relationships for success article here.

mentor mentoring relationships

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**Most Important Life Questions** **** One Amazing Solution! ****

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Nov• 06•14

Masters of Mind Alliance Project.

Watch This Short Video and Start on the Road to Creating a New Life Full of True Success!

Don’t Wait for Life; Create a Better One For Yourself.

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My Best Offer Ever!

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Oct• 13•14

best offer

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Do you want to be able to achieve anything you choose? Babies stand and walk instinctively. Starting right now The MMAP Learning Center will help you re-discover the intuitive “True Success” you knew as a child. “True Success” was always yours; however, due to negative conditioning, obstacles are now in place which prevent a clear pathway to your natural “True Success” abilities. So What’s The Solution? This free “PBT4TS” “Positive Brain Training for True Success” course is being offered as an introduction to “The MMAP” Masters of Mind Alliance Project website. The courses contained within “The MMAP” are meant as a method for user to harmlessly baby step their way to a “True Success” lifestyle.

“There is an inner soundtrack which plays the songs of “True Success”. Be absolutely sure the lyrics of failure aren’t playing softly in the background. ” ~Michaelson Williams

Receive this amazing best offering at The MMAP Learning Center. The MMAP Learning Center’s “Positive Brain Training for True Success” courses is truly the best offer on the internet. “Positive Brain Training for True Success” will change your life forever.

The MMAP Learning Center Thinking and Behavior MMA 1-0057463

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I’m Core Fit For Your Core Fitness

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Sep• 30•14

core fitness

“I’m Core Fit” For Your Core Fitness

Michaelson Williams Presents
I’m Core Fit; Success in One Day for the Rest of Your Life!
New Philosophy – New Psychology – New Fitness

Fad diets. Pricey equipment. Gym memberships. The health and fitness industry is full of these, yet we continue to lose more and more people to obesity. This book strips away the usual trappings of what you need to have or buy or do to get healthy and instead starts with the basics — how you need to think. Obviously good diet and exercise are necessary for improved health and fitness, but a solid mental and emotional foundation is paramount. Drawing on 25 years of experiences as a competitor, coach and entrepreneur in the health and fitness arena, Michaelson Williams introduces his I’m Core Fit philosophy to challenge you to change your thinking to change your life.

Michaelson Williams - Im Core Fit - Success in one day for the rest of your life - CLP - NLP - Health - Wealth - Happiness - The True Success Expert

Find “I’m Core Fit: Success in One Day for the Rest of Your Life” at the link below and increase your overall core fitness today.

Core Stability, Food Planning, and Much More!

Get It Now!


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Coming Soon!

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Aug• 06•14


What happens between meditation and self-hypnosis?
CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming.
How To Achieve Your Positive Life INTUITIVELY

Michaelson Williams - The True Success Xpert - CLP - Corrective Linguistic Programming - Citations - Lyrics -  Poetry - Positive Brain Training - Trainwashing - Wealth - Success -640

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Failure is an Option Quote From CLP

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jun• 04•14

failure is an option quote

Failure is an Option Quote

The “failure is an option quote” was written as a part of CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming; How To Achieve Your Positive Life INTUITIVELY. CLP uses quotes like this one as tools for positive conscious and unconscious change through daily affirmations. Failure is not only an option, it is in my opinion a necessary facet of the human experience and this is why.

Failure is an option. “It is an unreasonable notion to believe otherwise. However, through our disappointments come Glorious Opportunities; which if, up for the challenge will lead to many Monumental Achievements.”

~ Michaelson Williams

michaelson williams - True Success Training - Wealth - Positivity  Riches - Health - Well Being - Masters of Mind Alliance Project - Positive People - Guaranteed Success (554)

Failure is an option quote is by: Michaelson Williams

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Focus On This Motivational Quote

Written By: Michaelson Williams - May• 30•14


Focus On This Motivational Quote

michaelson williams - True Success Training - Wealth - Positivity  Riches - Health - Well Being - Masters of Mind Alliance Project - Positive People - Guaranteed Success (2)


“What you focus on in your mind with complete clear intentions will be taken as fact. Try this quick exercise to test the theory for yourself. Tell yourself over and over again in your mind that you smell apple pie. Did you smell apple pie right away? Did you smell apple pie after a short period of time or before day’s end? Yes, you have incredible power over your mind. The problem is we sometimes fail to believe this type of power is available to us. If you didn’t smell the apple pie at all you may be one of the many who do not understand his or her own internal power. In my opinion the most powerful and important possession we will ever enjoy in life and on the journey to True Success, is our mind. Yet the mind seems to be extremely underutilized and in turn acts as a prison to the human experience.” From CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming; How To Achieve Your Positive Life Intuitively.

Author: Michaelson Williams

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How To Wake Up Feeling Amazing Every Morning!

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Apr• 30•14

how to wake up feeling amazing

How To Wake Up Feeling Amazing, Every Morning!

How to wake up feeling amazing every morning was a process for me and it didn’t happen overnight or did it?

Good Day Friends! What is a small goal that you would like to achieve today? Mine, is to write poem about how I feel today, which is Amazing!! :) Below is a conversation I imagined having with you as you wonder, how to wake up feeling amazing every morning like me. This conversation is not to far fetched from real conversations I’ve had with people in the past. However, I didn’t want to use real names for the sake of this article. I’m sure you, the reader, will get the point just fine and also learn how to wake up feeling amazing, every morning!

Me: I know what you maybe thinking.
You: How can Michaelson be this happy every single day?
Me: Well the key is simple. It’s how I go to bed.
You: What? How you go to bed? What does that have to do with anything?
Me: Well let me tell you! It’s what happens just after I close my eyes to sleep.
You: Okay, I’m Listening.
Me: Here’s the key to waking in a Amazing State of Mind Every Morning. Release your conscious mind to your subconscious.
You: I’m intrigued, keep going.
Me: I knew you would be!

Me: Now this is new therefore it is going to take doing a couple of times before you realize what is happening in the dream state. However in a very short period of time you will be working out any erroneous thoughts of the past, present, and future. These three frames of time work simultaneously in the dream state. This is why future thoughts or thoughts of the future is included in this process. Here it is. Immediately after closing your eye take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Make sure each breath is deep into the stomach and try to feel the air leaving your entire body. Not just from your mouth. Every breath should feel as if your skin is releasing air or energy.

how to wake up feeling amazing

When this energy is flowing properly say these word in your mind “I am releasing my conscious mind to my subconscious in order to work out and clear any issues that I may have in my life. I will pay close attention to the answers I receive and take actions to correct negative behavior. I will be waiting with my conscious mind when my subconscious has completed its task.” If you’d like say this a few times and then end with three more deep breaths in the same fashion as the first time. Let yourself slowly drift off to sleep and in the morning you will feel so much better. When you get used to performing this task the mornings with bring a supercharged you.

how to wake up feeling amazing

Because you are releasing your conscious to the subconscious there seems to be a since of disconnect where the negative thoughts of the day cannot follow you into the dream state. Thoughts of the boss, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, etc. are less likely to follow you into your dreams. This does not mean negatively perceived dreams of these people or negative ideas will not be occupy parts of the dream state. The point is to allow the subconscious to do its work. This means cleaning the mess of the conscious mind while in the dream state. Therefore some seemingly negative dreams is prevalent and may even be remembered in the morning when you wake. Don’t bother analyzing the dreams to deeply. Just be grateful and let it go. Each night that passes and morning you awake brings an increased feeling of peace and harmony with self.

Release Daily Stress To Wake Up Feeling Amazing

Once getting the hang of this “conscious release task” you can ask to let go of specific erroneous information and bad programming, replacing it with positive situations. For example: I asked to be in control of my dream state as I have always thought of it being in autopilot. Well I have found there is a degree of control that can be realized and more importantly remembered after the dream state. So now I find myself sleeping when my mind and body calls for sleep, ignoring programed sleep states. As a result I need less sleep than “normal”. I feel better because there is a lack of awaken stressful conscious thought.  I am not saying this will work for everyone or anyone other than me for that matter but why not give it a shot.

If you do decide to try this conscious release I would love to hear your feedback and experiences. It will most definitely make for some very interesting conversation.

Poem: Goal Accomplished

I set a small goal today

One that could be accomplished

However when I set out on my journey

The goal became monstrous

I thought isn’t this the likelihood

The Universe keeping me in check

Making sure my convictions are something I respect

I set a small goal this morning

With a smile upon my face

Even as the day went on

My the smile was fixed in place

Even as my quest was tested

My joy wavered not

The smile would creep back on my face

Almost frozen in its spot

This smile produced aloofness from sneers

Sharp curves twisting from ear to ear

Facial lines that could not be faked

Not even I could predict this much elation

This morning when I arose to wake

I set a small goal today

The goal was accomplished again

Article and Poem by: Michaelson Williams

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Definitive Success in Two Paragraphs

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Mar• 03•14

Definitive Success           Creating definitive success on the journey of life is like adding ingredients to prepare the paramount meal of your life, without a recipe. There is some past experience; some guess work, and a lot of tasting along the way. The objective is to make the least amount of mistakes so the entire…

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Mastering The Art of Slow Learning

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Feb• 01•14

mastering the art

Mastering The Art of Slow Learning

     As a child I was always told that I was a “slow learner”. Today I appreciate habits of slow learning as they have allowed me to master major aspects of my life. I continue to hone my skills through a slow learning process, cultivating my subconscious mind for higher achievement and greater success. I often wonder how many times in life I’ve been a “fast learner” only to squander away the lessons that could have been realized on a deeper level. Now that I have mastered of art of slow learning I move in almost complete harmony with the flow of my life journey. So to all of those people who referred to me a slow learner I am grateful and value the compliment.

Thank You!

Mastering The Art of Slow Learning By: Michaelson Williams

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Success Years/The Numbers Game

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jan• 16•14

Masters of Mind Alliance, Expanding Trainwashing, Positive Psychology for True Success

Success Years and The Numbers Game

85-30=55, 85-40=45, 85-50=35, 85-60=25

   What do these calculations mean? Most of us focus a great deal on how much of our life time has passed instead of what time we have left. Focusing on what time perceived to be lost will most definitely keep your mind at a certain place in time, usually in the past. Instead of focusing on how much time has gone by (The Past) begin focusing on the time you have in life to make your mark on the world (The Now). Then implement baby step goals that will start working you toward achieving small goals. Small goals become huge accomplishments in time. The numbers; if you live to 85 years old and you are 30 right now you have 55 years left to create success in your life. If you are 40 years old you have 45 years, at 50 you have 35 years and even at 60 years old you still have a full 25 years to become a true success in life.

   There is more than enough time to achieve true success in life, if you can play the numbers game with laser like focus. It is thought it takes somewhere around 10,000 hours to become an expert in any field of study. This may seem like a great deal of time to some and very little time to others. Nevertheless it does not take this many hours to become successful in one’s life. Success can achieved before the 10,000 hours are completed if being mentored by an expert. In other words, expertise can be realized ever so quickly when training with other experts. Small successes are almost always achieved while working on becoming an expert. Matter of fact it is the small successes which creates the mind of an expert. The expert then creates complete success because of the information and knowledge her or she possesses.

The Mind and The Numbers Game

   Yes, shaping success does take time however it is how the time is used which will determine the length of time it takes to be successful. Wasting time thinking about what has not been accomplished over the past years of your life will carry over into the future years. What you’ll find is there will be in constant thought of what could have been accomplished last year. Every year that passes will be filled with more and more regret. What must take place is a completely altered psychology and focus on what CAN be accomplished in the years to come. The way we interact with life is based on how we have been conditioned to do so and this can lead to a negative life perception. The perception is to look outward instead of inward for understanding of self. Our inward view of ourselves is nothing more than a mirror reflection of what we see out in the world.

the numbers game

Changed Psychology and The Numbers Game

   In life there are always important choices to make which can and will lead to true success. In this case the choice needed to be made is whether you spent the rest of your life dying or living. We all have a path we must take in life. The path cannot be realized if we find ourselves always waiting for something to happen instead of creating what needs to happen. Notice I did not say that we have to find the path. There is no need to find the path as the way only needs to be realized. Everyone is always talking about finding the path to this or that. Taking action reveals the path because there is nothing to seek; it’s always there within every fiber of our human being. The path to true success is always revealed through actuation which methodically eliminates negative decisions. None of this can be accomplished if the mind if focused of perceived past failures.

 There is Still Time!

   The next time you feel like there is just too little time to get on the road to begin working toward becoming an expert rethink it. If the feeling comes over you that you are too old to start of new path to success change your psychology. Whenever the feeling comes that your best years are behind you or that the success game is for the youth, stop. It just isn’t true. There is enough time left in your life to accomplish anything you wish before it becomes part of a bucket list. Isn’t it funny how we get off of our butts and try to do everything we missed right before we die? That’s if we even have the strength to use the bathroom on our own. Calculate how many years you have left to live; think about becoming any expert at something and get moving. It’s likely that most of the ten thousand hours it takes to become and expert are already completed. You just need to apply your expertise with a little action and then start reaping the benefits.

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***Happy New Year*** 2014

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jan• 03•14

“The Motivation Wall” In 2014 Make Daily Resolutions, Not Yearly. You’ll Get More Done!
Join Us!
michaelson williams Expanding Trainwashing Positive Psychology for True Success Trainwashing Success The Motivation Wall

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How to Achieve Success through a Healthier Mindset

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Dec• 28•13

how to achieve success through a healthier mindset

How to Achieve Success through a Healthier Mindset

“Learn to Achieve Success through a Healthier Mindset” is the newly released second volume of “How to Use Positive Brain Training on the Journey to “True Success”. This book like the first is a nice short daily reader that will boost positive thinking and behaviors which will slowly change your psychology for greater positive action in life. Grab your copy Today!


Michaelson Williams Expanding Trainwashing How to Use Positive Brain Training on the Journey to True Success



Find more self-help and motivational tools for “Positive Brain Training for True Success” at The MMAP Learning Center.

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Stop Complaining About The One Percent

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Nov• 29•13

the one percent

Stop Complaining About The One Percent

          Stop complaining about the one percent in this country and around the world. There is a new opportunity in front of you all the time to join them. Only the negative conditioning and fear of not achieving success holds you at bay. Becoming a part of the one percent takes more than hard work. It takes a hard working mind, free of negative conditioning and fear. True self-evaluation will help you to realize what you seek isn’t just for them. The riches in life you want are as much yours as anyone else.


       Complaining about the “haves” or the one percent maintains you stay on the outside looking in as a “have not”. The only way to create change in the world of the Ultra-Wealthy is from the inside. Complaining about the issues only allows time to pass for a false resolution, keeping you occupied with frivolous ideas of saving the world. On the other hand positive action trumps belligerent behavior every single time.


       Expanding the mind will almost guaranteed that doors open to becoming a member of the “elite”. The task at hand is to create a world of “Expanded Minds” who view being “elite” as an opportunity for all. Revolution need not ensue by warring but instead by constructing a collective mindset capable of soaring to great heights. Expanded minds possess a greater ability to generate Huge Wealth in ways a neglected mind will not comprehend.


the one percent


       It is 100% true; we all have the ability within us to obtain Great Wealth in life and it is our choice to do so, or not. However, up until this point, the point you found my website, books, and coursework you were in the dark. Maybe you weren’t in complete darkness nonetheless partial darkness still isn’t absolute light. What you did not know is there are control factors keeping you from making the right life choices.


       Yes, I’ve said it. You are being controlled. But Not Anymore! You are in the process of unlocking your mind to allow your Greatness to reveal itself to you. Here are some important questions to ask of yourself.

What will you do when you the reach level of “True Success” you’ve dreamed about?

What will you do for other people when you achieve 1 percent status?

What will you do when the 1% becomes 3% in order to facilitate assuredly it reaches 5, 7, 10% etc.?

the one percentBelongs to Everyone!

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Positive Brain Training for Success s1

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Nov• 12•13

Let’s face it if you do not have your mind in the right place “True Success” is virtually unattainable. I welcome you with immense excitement on this journey to “True Success” with me! As we begin I want you to remember this; your age, current static, ethnicity, education, or any negative idea which comes to…

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