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Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jun• 08•13

Dear Bonnie S.,

Trainwashing is the act of washing the brain clean of the lifelong negative brainwashing from family, friends, religious leaders, media, big business advertising, and government which keeps us thinking like the ”have-nots” in the 99 percentile. Through proper training the brain is washed clean of this lifelong negative conditioning and in its place retrained or “Trainwashed” with 100% positive brainwashing. The secrets of training the brain through repeated Trainwashing, to accept new positive brainwashing and conditioning of mind, are to be found within the pages of my book. Once the freed mind is on a course of action to eliminate negativity and replace with positive thinking Trainwashing has begun to take place.

Trainwashing is already a published work of mine; however, I would like it to reach a larger audience. This book had to be written because many people haven’t a clue that what is believed to be one’s own thoughts is nothing more than regurgitation of conditioning. Trainwashing plays a major role in breaking a lifetime of negative conditioning which holds a large part of our society in a state of stasis. Without tools such as Trainwashing and other secrets of positive lifestyle books people are no more than consumption drones. Trainwashing opens the eyes of society to this fact, and facilitates the mind in rejecting the status quo as normal. More importantly greatness will be attained in one’s self and a catalyst is born which will lift others who are on the positive-mind journey.

Through years of research I have discovered self-help and positive thinking success books have over looked crucial elements. These fundamental lost secrets are revealed in a manner which is down to earth and comprehensible to the average person. Trainwashing was written to unlock a negatively conditioned mind through a particular philosophy to reach a much deeper understanding of self.


Author: Michaelson Williams
Book Title: Trainwashing: The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing
Book Mantra: Stop Living in the 99 Percentile and Become the Financial 1%

Phone: 919-673-0941
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