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Written By: Michaelson Williams

Part 1: Trainwashing:

Let’s think about Trainwashing in this way. The successes and failures we’ve had to date, as well as the successes and failures we can imagine for the future, all stem from our life experiences since childhood. From early childhood we use our five senses in order to judge and guide us through this experience we call our life. We rely on what we see, our sense of sight. We rely on our sense of smell.

Our sense of touch sends signals to our brain about what is hot, cold, or has texture. We absorb this information for later use in life. We rely on our sense of hearing to get messages from other people who tell us how we are to live this life experience. Our sense of taste allows us to eat certain things, which bring us pleasure or make us gag. These are the five senses we are very aware of them because we use them daily.

So we know that our five senses are activated from birth in order to create this experience that we call life. Our five senses guide us on our journey of life until we are old and gray and our senses begin to fail. The human senses allow us to have perceptions of what is good, bad, what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong during our life experiences.

But these five senses are not always accurate in developing the experiences that will allow for a completely successful life. Furthermore, they may not allow humans to be able to attract and manifest whatever it is that we want in life. These five senses can be tricked into giving false feedback which will completely hinder whether we are able to attract into our lives a life that is completely successful.

In our human experience we also have a sixth sense. The sixth sense is very much a part of our entire life’s experience and may be the most important sense that we have and yet the least utilized. I would go even further to say that our sixth sense is the one that we trust the least but is the most important to develop in order to achieve and attract into our life everything that we wish.

First let’s talk about the five senses and how they apply to the human experience and how it applies to what you can attract into your life or into this experience. Then I will discuss how the very important senses apply to the Trainwashing experience.

Think about everything you experience in life from childhood as if it is a box or room in which information is stored. I say a box or room because our minds are mass storage centers which store and keep all of the data in our lives. The information that you take in to this box or this one room is the information that you will be able to pull from at a later date whether conscious or unconscious.

In the end, this box or room contains your complete life experience and is also the fabric of how you live and think about the value and quality of your life. The information that you put into this box or that is put into this room by others is the information that you are able to pull out to utilize during this life experience. Now obviously we do not choose all of the information that we put into our boxes or our room on our own.

The information that goes into this room when we are children is mostly dictated by our parents or guardian. This information, believe it or not, is the beginning of your brainwashing. Yes, Brainwashing. The information that is put into our mind, into this room, can be positive brainwashing or negative brainwashing. So how does this box or room work for and against us as we strive for better life and human experience?

Let’s say within the contents of this box or room we have at the top one big window.
We also have within this space five separate doors, the last one being a Big Glass Door. We were born with this window and five doors. The window and doors are your five senses and one sense you are less aware at this point in life, your sixth sense. The window at the top is your sight. The first door below the window is your sense of smell. The second door is your sense of touch. The third door is hearing. The fourth is taste. The filth big glass door is your sixth sense.

For more on Trainwashing and how to stop thinking in the 99 percentile and start thinking in the financial 1 percent read Trainwashing: The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing.

Author: Michaelson Williams

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