Big Glass Door P-2

Written By: Michaelson Williams

Part: 2 Trainwashing: Trusting Your Senses

Now these five doors and one window are our entire life experience. Everything that happens to you, everything you learn, everything that you do, and how you live, are contained within this space. So let’s touch on each of the components of this space from a different point of view. Starting with the four doors in which you have almost complete trust. The first door, smell, you absolutely trust that what you smell is exactly what it should be. Next, you trust in what you touch. Therefore whatever you touch, its texture, whether smooth or rough, you trust that what you’re touching is believable.

Third, your hearing, which you trust based on the sounds that go into your ears, register in your brain exactly what it should be. You do not mistake a car horn for a train horn or a baby crying for an airplane flying overhead. The next door that you trust is taste. You know if something tastes good to you and you know if something tastes bad to you. If something tastes good then you savor and enjoy the taste. There are also direct signals to the brain which increase the amount of enjoyment. On the other hand, if something tastes bad to you, you may spit it out.

The next item in this box or room is your window or your sight. This window is at the top of your other four major senses and the less aware sixth sense. You trust what you see because sight is one of the most important senses that we have to create (in a normal situation) life experiences. If we think about it, sight is probably the most important sense that we think we have in our awareness of emotional experiences.

You think that what you see is true and to your brain this is correct. For the most part the sight window, as it applies to our room, is a very reliable sense with the exception of when it comes to negative brainwashing. When it comes to negative brainwashing your sight will betray you every single time. The reason your eye sight can betray you is because your sight cannot pick up if someone is trying to deliberately deceive you. This applies to humans in non face to face interaction and as it relates to our sight space in our room or box.

The sense that we rely on the most, sight, is one that can be deceived or used against us negatively in order to alter our life’s experience. You may be saying “well I trust what I see more than anything” but have you ever attended a magic show and tried to figure out exactly what the magician had done in order to trick you into thinking he sawed a woman in half? No matter how hard you look at the trick your eyes and brain could not figure out exactly how it was done.

From your experience the woman was sawed in half. Your brain believed even though logic and reason tell you it did not happen. In your mind you still believe the woman was cut completely in half right before your eyes. So here’s my point, the more you program through visual stimulation, negativity and lack of success,or things that do not bring you success and will not bring you success, the less likely you are to become successful.

What would you do if you had the secret to having whatever you wanted in life? What would you give to yourself? How would you choose to live your life? Who would you help in one way or another?

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Author: Michaelson Williams

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