Big Glass Door P-3 Final

Written By: Michaelson Williams

Part 3 of Big Glass Door

What you put into the box or into your room which became your life experience is what you will get out. There is no other way. You cannot pull information from this space that you have not put into the box, that is unless you learn to access the Big Glass Door. Everything that you believe in life right now to this day was either forcibly or voluntarily made a part of your experience. Therefore the clean and clear window that you received at birth is now smudged and dirtied with the negative experiences of your life.

These smudges that are put on this flawless piece of glass which bring you joy every time you look through it are placed there by your parents, friends, as well as what you watch on television, listen to on your headphones, and what is deliberately programmed into your mind on a daily bases.

The very first time you ever heard the word “no” that was a smudge on your window.
The background noise that you hear without noticing through media programming is additional smudges on your window. After some time your window gets so cloudy that you can no longer see through it, it no longer brings pleasure into your experience.

The clarity and focus that was once seen through this window is now dusty, cloudy, and full of fingerprints and smudges from other people that you have interacted with during this experience. Every once in a while we take a paper towel and some cleaner and we clean up a portion of our window. We can see clearly through it for a short period of time until we let someone smudge our window once again.

How does all of this apply to the psychology of Trainwashing? In simple terms, you must clean your window as often as possible. Once your window is clean the information that you see, hear, or experience which smudges the window must interrupt your good experiences in life. The act of Trainwashing is constantly cleaning your window, constantly not allowing other people to smudge or dirty this window which is the mind. Trainwashing is about not allowing you to smudge your own window by the music that you pump into your head which is negative. The hours and hours of television watching not only completely cloud the window but taints the entire space of the box or room that is your mind.

From the time of your birth and even now you have in your possession a sixth sense. This sixth sense is your Big Glass Door. When you are first born to this Earth and into the body that you possess right now your big glass door was open. Now the sixth sense and the big glass door is the most important door that you can have in your room or in the mind space. The reason the big glass door is most important is because this is the door which allows you to attract positive things into your experiences and into your life.

The big glass door that is within this room is, or was previously, opened to fantasy and imagination. The big glass door allows you to manifest whatever you desire into your experience. The big glass door allowed you to sit down with your dolls as a child and create an entire life and experience that was wonderful and dreamy.

The big glass door, or the sixth sense, allowed you to pick up a stick to fight the biggest dragons and to be the best swordsman in all of the land. Until someone told you that he or she did not exist the big glass door housed an imaginary friend who shared your adventures. More importantly the big glass door allowed you to think about a toy or a vacation to Disney when you were a child and allowed you to create and make those things come into your life.

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Author: Michaelson Williams

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