Fitness Time Management pt1.

Written By: Michaelson Williams

Section 1: Fitness Time Management

How Do I Manage My Workout Time?

Tip 1: Home

Many people have trouble managing their workout time when they’re at home. It seems that when you’re in your own home you always have the feeling there will be time to get a workout in during the day. This sets you up for procrastination and, by the time you figure out that you have procrastinated, the day has passed you by. It is very easy to get preoccupied when you’re in your home space by the everyday random happenings of life.

There is so much that we can do other than getting a workout, even if the workout only takes 15 to 30 minutes. Often we still find a way to ignore this time. When you’re at home there’s always something better to do or more important than getting a workout done. The attitude about working out at home is usually “I can get it done any time because I am in this space the entire day.”

Working out at home also poses challenges for generating enough motivation to get it done. Most of the time there are interruptions, phone calls, children, chores to be done, deliveries, errands and the day just seems to slip away. Here are a few tips that will help you setup a time to get a workout in each and every day that you need to when you are in your own home. The home life is never as busy as you think it is, therefore scheduling workouts can happen almost any time when you’re only talking about a 30 minute time window. The busy things that you do at home are not really occupying your busy time; what they are doing is trying to separate you from being bored. Most people would rather sit around the house in sheer boredom than get up and perform a simple 20 or 30 minute workout.

One of the keys to getting a workout time when you’re at home is to always have a reminder that you must workout for that day. If you are a “stay-at-home” mom or dad, you must set a time to get a 30 minute workout done. When the children are asleep is the perfect time to get a quick 30 minute workout. To keep yourself reminded that you must get this workout done, place a note on your refrigerator or on the mirror in your home that says you must work out today. This tells your brain that you have a task to do and will become regimented daily. Just like all of your other daily business that you do around the house, the workout will become a part of this schedule.

Now for a while you will be diligent in doing this workout and then you are likely to fall off a bit and stop doing your daily workouts. But that is what the note is for, so that you are constantly reminded that you need that 30 minute workout each and every day it is scheduled. There will be times when you ignore the note and bypass your workout. But because the note is a constant reminder, it will set in your brain that you must take time out for this workout no matter what obstacles occur during the day. This is a way to train your brain without putting undue stress on the fact that you must work out and get in shape. There is always time to get a quick 30 minute workout in at home rather than filling your day with things that are unproductive. Therefore, instead of sitting down watching television while the kids are asleep or while you have an open window of time, you will fill that time with your workout. The 30 minutes will pass very quickly and you will feel much better after it’s done.

Set your workout at home as a priority. Make your workout the first thing that you do, before your normal chores are done. The other chores that you normally do during your day are secondary. Because these chores are secondary, they also become bonus activity. Therefore if you are vacuuming the floors, washing dishes or washing your windows, you are burning extra calories after you have done your workout. Get your 30 minute workout then do your house chores after your workout and you will burn a bonus amount of calories when you’re doing your housework. Even if after your workout you decide to sit down and watch television or take a shower, the at-rest calories that you are burning is at a higher level than it would be if you did not do your 30 minute workout.

In other words, due to your heart rate being raised from your 30 minutes during the home workout, everything else is extra fat burn and additional exercise that will perpetuate your fitness. In the summertime, or even in the winter when it’s warm enough, get your 30 minute workout in the house and then go outside and take a walk. This will help to clear your mind, regulate your heart rate, and is a great way to burn an extra amount of calories. Once you set your workout time this will become habitual, and once the habit is made, then you will have greater results over a longer period of time and there will be less stress about actually getting to the workout and fitting it into your schedule.

From: The Ultimate Fitness Tips, Expert Guide To Fitness
Author: Michaelson Williams

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