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Written By: Michaelson Williams

Introduction To CLP-Corrective Linguistic Programming

Part 1.

This article is an introduction to CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming through citations, lyrics, and poetry. The system of CLP is psychology of learning True Success principles in order to achieve a positive life intuitively. This learning occurs both consciously and subconsciously void of stress and strain associated with many forms of goals setting and achievement.

CLP- Corrective Linguistic Programming is associated with “Trainwashing” through the application of positive trance-anchoring. CLP is an additional piece of the puzzle created as a tool within the “Trainwashing” system of True Success training. The implementation of CLP as an add-on to the system of Trainwashing helps to re-program a negatively conditioned mind. CLP allows the practitioners to use visual, verbal, and emotional stimulation to suggest new positive self-fulfilling principle to their life. The CLP delivery system is citations, song lyrics, and poems specially designed to facilitate the journey to True Success.

CLP is not all apple pie and daffodils, as it may and is intended to unlock many negative emotions. Un-checked or un-dealt with negative emotional can act as a heavy weight halting positive movement in life. The bottled up negative emotions which some of us carry around may be dug up while using CLP. Facing a negative past with confidence anchored by the CLP processes will be rejuvenating. Overcoming fears locked in the past does not have to be a completely bad experience. Triumphs over fear can also be fun with a change in the conditioning about fear itself.

CLP is meant to be a helpful tool in order to confront life head-on and not hide behind reasons or excuses to why the “cannot” should be accepted. There is no reason, conditioned or built-in, anyone should be focusing on why they cannot accomplish anything. iThe positive training of CLP occurs in the forefront, consciously through deliberate action, as well as in the background, subconsciously where the human value system is running on autopilot. CLP allows for a unique Trainwashing experience as the external and internal conversation occurs simultaneous with no stress or stain on the mind itself. Therefore if negative thought and emotions should arise there are steps on how to deal with the issue head on.

Corrective Linguistic Programming deals with, in a subtle non-aggressive manner, the most important and frequent conversations a person has in life. The most significant conversations people have in their entire lifetime, is the ones they have with themselves. CLP assist in changing this almost constant dialogue from a negative platform to one which gradually adapts to positive inputs and outputs or conscious and subconscious chatter. This as a result leads to many forms of constructive behavioral changes which can lead to a better understanding of the self within.

CLP’s Effectiveness Duration

Corrective Linguistic Programming starts to take effect at the very first induction. This means the very first time you sit down and follow the instructions for CLP implementation, change begins. However, this will not guarantee continue results from CLP. This is because it generally takes around 21 days to form a new habit. If you practice CLP for ten days the effectiveness will not be as strong as for a person who makes the training a complete habit. CLP attempts to ease the 21 day positive habit forming process through the subtle induction of constructive behavioral modification, positive self-conversation and understated visual cues.

In part two of the “Introduction to CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming” we will talk about the differences between CLP and NLP which is used in many modalities of clinical hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Moreover, we spend about 70% of our awaken state in self-hypnosis for example while driving or performing very familiar activities where an autopilot mindset is present.

End of Part One

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