Mentor / Mentoring Relationships for Success

Written By: Michaelson Williams

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Mentor / Mentoring Relationships for Success

Acting as a adviser to a person is not difficult at all; however, being a average advise giver versus becoming an excellent mentor can be a dramatically different undertaking. Not all mentoring is the same or even helpful if the mentor chosen is not an expert at his or her position or craft. Good mentors lead by example and advise others people who may use their knowledge in an encouraging manner geared towards success. How important is a mentor’s knowledge when contributing to the benefit of others? The knowledgeable information and relationship which can be obtained from a masterful thinker can potentially be worth millions of dollars. Entrepreneurs’ who recognize the importance of connecting with a mentor potentially gain superior success knowledge not realized by those who do not seek mentoring.

When entrepreneurs’ seek advice from a mentor they have a better chance of creating successful business outcomes. The opportunity to be advised by someone who has already taken the path in which a pupil seeks can be a priceless learning experience. On the other hand mentors obtain the opportunity to share experiences with others in order to lift them to higher levels of success. There can be feelings of exemplary reward from acting as a mentor or being on the receiving end of the knowledge in which a mentor can provide. Sometimes people do not take opportunities in becoming a mentor, feeling they do not possess enough mentoring understanding. In other cases there are people mentoring failure ideas who believe they have a great deal of knowledge. Choose your mentor wisely. Michaelson Williams Masters of Mind Alliance Project Mentor-Mentoring

Make sure when accepting mentoring the mentor has explicit useful knowledge of your field of pursuit. Also if you are indeed the mentor make certain the information in your presentation to the pupil is pertinent to their success journey. As a mentor myself I always keep in mind that my time with the person or group being mentored is finite. There is never an idea of continual advice-giving for the duration of a person’s success journey. People whom I choose to mentor are advised that they should always be looking to upgrade their mentorship. No mentor should ever try to facilitate the coaching of his or her pupil(s) for the entire success journey. Being a mentor is tremendously important as it can shorten a person’s road to goal attainment significantly. Therefore a good mentor never lets his or her own ego spoil, stifle or control the success journey of another. Find a high-quality mentorship; be a excellent mentor.


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