Million Dollar Ideas

Written By: Michaelson Williams

Does Everyone Contain Within Them a Mind Able to Produce a Million Dollar Idea?

       The very best short answer I can give is, YES! However, there are people who do not believe such ideas exist within them, so the ideas lay dormant. Other people realize an idea as something with potential, nevertheless by some negative force, they never act on intuition. The idea once again sleeps without ever being realized by the rest of the world. The funny thing is; the world needs more ideas and products, at least until we figure out excess material items are unnecessary.

How do we unveil the idea that may be worth millions of dollars and create ease in mankind existence? Well maybe I can shed some light on the subject in this article. When in business one of the golden rules is, if you want to reach your customers you must be in excellent locations. The term “location, location, location” in real estate is one of the number one truths in being successful. If you open a business in the wrong location you are increasing the likelihood of failure. Let’s apply the same principle to how we create success in our own life.

Everyone has a million dollar idea inside of them and I mean everyone. The issue is we stay so preoccupied in our conscious mind we are unable to access our million dollar ideas. I know you are probably thinking right now “I don’t have a million idea inside of my head”, but you do. That statement was just your conscious mind showing you a path to failure. You must accept the possibility of having a million dollar idea inside of you.

If everyone has a million dollar idea in their head how do we retrieve it? One way to retrieve your million dollar idea is to put yourself in physical locations that allow you to be calm. Put yourself in physical locations which allow you to be creative. Educate yourself so that the information you put in your head will spawn new ideas. The more we work toward creating and improving anything, the easier the creation process becomes.

There is one absolute fact, if you put yourself in front of good information enough times in your life you will create a new product or idea. As long as the mind is deliberate while holding great focus on a task success is inevitable. If you do not believe it take my course and I’ll show you exactly how. On top of this we will partner on your idea if the idea is viable enough and has market value. That is how confident I am about my product, my million dollar idea.


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What Success Really Looks Like


How do we use locations to create million dollar ideas?

In order to release true creativity you must block out the noise of everyday life. Find a place that gives you absolute peace and tranquility. Enter into this space with the idea you will be creating a brand new product or improving on an existing one. Being around running water such as rivers or streams are amazing places to be creative. Finding a quiet place where you can meditate in complete darkness is a helpful way to be creative. When you obtain proficiency at meditation you will be able to understand images in your mind’s eye that will allow you to put creative ideas on paper.

Carry a notebook or small notepad around with you everywhere you go. Carrying a notebook around gives you every opportunity to take something in visually and then produce notes on how you would change it in a better way. Educate yourself on subjects you have no prior information. Eliminate from your life secondhand facts. If you think secondhand cigarette smoke is bad, secondhand information is the greatest killer of true knowledge.

Additional ways to create creativity within your own mind is to get yourself disconnected from certain locations. Disconnect from virtual locations. Yes this means disconnect from television, the Internet, and disconnect from your personal electronics. Electronics give off magnetic and electrical frequencies which can interrupt your own body’s natural vibration and creativity. It is very much okay to create an idea and then use electronics like computers to search the Internet to hone the idea.

Find peace within yourself as a location for creativity. This means that for a short time you may have to block out the noise of relationships that you have in your life. Try blocking out the local noises in your life and watch how your automatic creativity buttons turns on. If you use these tips on your journey to true success I promise you will find greatness within you in a very short period of time.


What Is Your Million Dollar Idea?


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~ Michaelson Williams





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