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True Success Naturally


New books which teaches you to think like the Mega-Wealthy.

Stop Thinking in the 99 Percentile and Become the Financial 1%

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From the Preface

Reading this book I would like you to understand the old cliché “you can do whatever you set your mind to” is absolutely true. Under the right circumstances we are able to achieve true greatness. Nothing is outside of our reach or greater than our own abilities.
If you truly believe things are possible they become possible. Sometimes, all we need is the chance to prove ourselves to ourselves and a lot of times we do not seize the opportunity to do so. I have seen people do some truly amazing things but it has only happened in certain situations. Sometimes the amazing things we do are forced upon us by the situations in which we are in at any given moment. Being an accidental hero in an emergency situation is an example in which one can be amazing.



Expanding Trainwashing Learning to Let Go of the IT coursework

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About The Book

Without positive streams of imaginative driven behavior there is not enough power to create the wonderful successful life most people seek so desperately. When the human mind has the perception of not being in control there can be little to no sustained positive thinking and behavior in order to achieve true success. Small successes are rarely appreciated when both fear and lack of control is prominent in a person’s mind. Expanding Trainwashing: Learning to Let Go of the “IT” is a learning guide which re-trains positive successful thinking and behavior in a mind which lacks these important success traits. The guide is full of exercises which slowly and methodically transforms conscious surface thinking into unconscious autopilot actions. If the psychology is never changed from its current state, “True Success” is elusive and mythological to those who seek to better their lives; for themselves and their families.



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About The Book

Fad diets.  Pricey equipment.  Gym memberships.  The health and fitness industry is full of these, yet we continue to lose more and more people to obesity.  This book strips away the usual trappings of what you need to have or buy or do to get healthy and instead starts with the basics — how you need to think.   Obviously good diet and exercise are necessary for improved health and fitness, but a solid mental and emotional foundation is paramount.  Drawing on 25 years of experiences as a competitor, coach and entrepreneur in the health and fitness arena, Michaelson Williams introduces his I’m Core Fit philosophy to challenge you to change your thinking to change your life.  This book guides you in building a solid foundation of motivation and self-accountability, and then offers practical tips on how to apply and sustain these principles to help you train yourself into better mind, body, and spirit.

Newly released The Ultimate Fitness Tips: Expert Guide To Fitness

Michaelson Williams - Ultimate Fitness Tips

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The purpose of this book is to answer some of the questions my readers have had about I’m Core Fit: Success in One Day for the Rest of Your Life! Anytime you introduce brand new ideas to a standard thinking system there will be challenges, rebuttals, and tests of the new system. I always welcome questions about the philosophy and psychology of my very different way of thinking about fitness. The I’m Core Fit way of thinking and the I’m CloudFit way of training is ever changing, as the human body is able to adapt to almost any environment; the more we test our bodies, the more we will have to change the way we think about how we deal with our own health and fitness.



About The Guide/Part:1

How to Use Positive Brain Training on the Journey to True Success- Trainwashing

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Successful Positive Brain Training! This short guide is a wonderful daily reader. Use for affirmations and training which will assist in positive forward movement on your life-journey. “How to Use Positive Brain Training on the Journey to “True Success”” is a sampling of a larger study program “Expanding Trainwashing”. This positive thinking and behavior program was developed from years of research performed by Michaelson Williams. As the author of Trainwashing: The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing Michaelson’ work creates successful self-help tools which can be utilized by everyone.



About The Guide/Part:2

Michaelson Williams Expanding Trainwashing How to Use Positive Brain Training on the Journey to True Success

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Part:2 of this daily reader short guide outlines tips and exercises which will increase one’s level of the achievement on the journey to “True Success”. Every one of these exercises and tips are based on the principles of Expanding Trainwashing and the Secrets of Positive Brain Washing. While reading this, I want you to keep in mind the word brainwashing does not have to invoke a sense of fear or negativity in your mind. Look at the word brainwashing from a different perspective. The word or the action of brainwashing can also be thought of as a positive helpful success driven action.

Positive brain training is a transformation from negative thinking to positive thinking and behaviors that will lead to success. When you think of the word brainwashing from now on put the word positive in front of it. Now you have the words positive brainwashing. This starts a new constructive mindset about the action of positive self brainwashing. This guide covers helpful successful life journey topics such as; Forgiveness, Smart versus Educated, The Million Dollar Idea, Wasted Time, Richard Branson on Mentoring, and more. Including the 100% Success Guarantee! Take this sneak peak into the Expanding Trainwashing Positive Brain Training for “True Success” course. It’s time to show yourself what the (Real You) can achieve!



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About The Book

This special edition to the How-to guide “How to Use Positive Brain Training on the Journey to “True Success” is packed full of extras and only available in paperback. Included is a special Platinum VIP offer that will never be available anywhere else but in this book. The positive brain training exercises are a sampling of Michaelson Williams Expanding Trainwashing 100% Guaranteed Success Coursework. These exercises will start you on the journey to what Michaelson calls “True Success”. True success in Michaelson’ opinion has more to do with the control one have over mind which allows them triumph over multiple aspects of the life journey. Michaelson’s “Expanding Trainwashing” teaches positive mind changes which in turn show as active behavioral actions crucial to achieving true success. Step into a place in the mind that will only allow successful life decisions and positive movements through expanding knowledge of one’s self. Through simple exercises even a child can understand and reinforcement of new positive behaviors lifelong negative conditioning will be removed. It is time to uncover and unlock the systems in place that are holding you back from achieving true success. Change your psychology and your life will change for the better. Learn what it takes to be truly successful on the journey of life.



The Adventures of CT Cover Final V1-002

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About The Book

The Adventures of CT chronicles the life of “CT” Christopher Thornton, a critical thinker and his two friends Julie Speakmaster, and Ronin a trio of unsuspecting hero’s to the planet Earth. Christopher Thornton, Julie Speakmaster, and Ronin possess extraordinary gifts which allow them to expose hidden truths, scandalous government cover ups, and mass mind control. They possess powers of critical thinking, empowered speech, and sheer physical strength which guide the trio on their journey to save the human race. Christopher, Julie, and Ronin monitor the tools of mind control, and brainwashing to unearth the lies and tails being told to the people of this planet in order to control and enslave them.

The main purpose of this trio’s journey is to open the mind’s eye of an enslaved humanity on earth. News mediums which are used to fill the minds of the children of Mother Earth are policed by the trio to reveal nothing but the facts, no matter how unpopular and unbelievable those facts may seem. It is believable lies that are taken as true and the truths are dismissed as lies and conspiracy theories. This must be changed, this most switched, and the mind controlling poisons undone. If not Christopher, Julie, and Ronin realize this could very well be the demise of the majority of humans inhabiting planet Earth.



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About The Book

Volume:2 of The Adventures of CT: The Children’s Books for Adults picks of the story as CT, The Speak Master, and Ronin use Words of Honor to explain how they will help humanity. The excitement is building as we go deeper into this incredible story of these three friends.



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