Definitive Success in Two Paragraphs

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Mar• 03•14

definitive success

Definitive Success

          Creating definitive success on the journey of life is like adding ingredients to prepare the paramount meal of your life, without a recipe. There is some past experience; some guess work, and a lot of tasting along the way. The objective is to make the least amount of mistakes so the entire dish does not have to be tossed away. However it is not only important to make mistakes but also to keep working through the trial and errors. Never giving up! Even master chef’s don’t get everything right the first time.

definitive success

          Much like the preparation of the meal once it is perfected the likelihood of needing to relearn all the secrets ingredients are slim to none. In other words the journey to true success for everyone only needs to be accomplished once in lifetime. Even if lesson-learning appears a bit more difficult for some; small leaps forward are always occurring. Some people learn more rapidly than others. Some people choose to ignore the lesson and continue down the same negative path. Nevertheless once a lesson is learned or a task perfected mastery is almost never lost.

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