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Health-T Fitness Mat by Michaelson Williams - Yoga Mat - Fitness Exercise
I'm loving my new Health-T Fitness Mat - Maigen Thomas - Michaelson Williams

This product can no longer be purchased here as it is set to be licensed in 2017.

The “Health-T Fitness Mat” project isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the environment too, as we are producing the mats with Eco-friendliness  and green in mind. The project requires that our mats are 99% latex free, and made from rubber trees with only minutiae amounts of latex. Just to be on the side of caution, please do not order or use our “Health-T Fitness Mats” if you have the slightest sensitivity to latex products.

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As a health and fitness consultant I understand the importance of having a fitness mat that really works. The trouble is the traditional yoga and fitness mats are not designed with the human body in mind.

This can be very uncomfortable, unhealthy, and teaches poor muscle memory in a person’s form. In addition this lack of proper form can also lead to potential long-term injury.

The solution is a mat that keeps the practitioners’ entire body off the hard surface of the floor, no matter what exercise is being engaged.

Why The Health-T Fitness Mat Works?

The Health-T Fitness Mat fulfills the need to have a fitness style mat which keeps all parts of the body off the floor simultaneously while performing any exercise. Over the years I’ve had clients who would complain about discomfort or numbness in the forearms, hands, lower back or buttocks due to not having enough soft surface area to perform their floor exercises. Regular fitness/yoga mats make the practitioner have to choose what body parts will remain on the mat while the rest of the body is on hard surfaces. See illustrations first page & below.

  • Because of the unique T-shape of the mat the amount of joint pain in the elbows from trying to maintain an on-the-mat hand position is reduced tremendously.
  • The T-style mat also promotes proper exercise movement which will help to prevent future injuries resulting in using improper form.
  • The Health-T Fitness Mats is a very simple design and incredibly easy to use for anyone.
  • The mat keeps the entire body off of hard floors and other hard surfaces while training.
  • During exercise performance, feet, hands, lower-back, shoulders, etc. are always in contact with the Health-T Fitness Mat soft surface, and not the floor beneath.
  • The Health-T Fitness Mat is light weight and easy to store or carry with its handle and strap system.
  • The Mats come with exercises designed to maximize the Health-T Fitness Mat’s style and shape.

Body-Harmonious “Health-T Fitness Mat”

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The “Health-T Fitness Mats” prevails where other fitness mats fail.

The Big Red X's of Fitness Mats

  1. Feet off mat that can create uneven surface and differences in grip and slip leading to instability.
  2. Right knee on hard wood floor can add increased pressure to knee joint and leg muscles.
  3. Feet on towels and off griping surface of the mat which can create slipping and danger of falling off ball.
  4. Hands completely off mat could cause numbing in forearms and hands.
  5. Not using a mat at all because of the impracticality due to not being on a proper mat like the Health-T Mat.
  6. Elbow off mat which if working in a fly motion with weights can cause the elbow to hit the hard floor surface.


Health-T Fitness Mat Fitness and Yoga

The Health-T Fitness Mats

can be setup in many different class configurations

Health-T Fitness Mat by Michaelson Williams - Yoga Mat


Small 4′ 10″ to 5′ 8″, approx. 24″x55″x68″, thickness 1/4″, weight 4.4 lbs.

Health-T Fitness Mat by Michaelson Williams for yoga - Pilates - all floor exercises



Large 5′ 6″ to 6′ 4″, approx. 24″x60″x84″, thickness 1/4″, weight 6.2 lbs.

Health-T Fitness Mat by Expert Michaelson Williams-18800-02

Note: Not all Health-T Fitness Mats final production specs will be represented here in the sample pictures. Our goal is to produce the very best quality mats on the market. Therefore, small modifications and improvements will take place throughout the final production stages. We have a zero questions money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the delivered finished product. I am also including my personal cell phone number in your purchase confirmation email, so if you want to give me a call about the product, you can. In addition you will be updated on the progress of the Health-T Fitness Mat every step of the way to assure that all customers are kept in the loop about final production and delivery time-frame. I will do everything in my power to make sure that your Health-T Fitness Mat purchase experience is a GREAT one.

Thank You For Your Interest!

Expected Delivery Date for This Product Early April to Mid June 2016

PDL Project Development Leader

Michaelson Williams

MMA Project 98875-2 – MMAP TWO

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