Health-T Fitness Mat Journey Wall

Written By: Michaelson Williams

Whether or not your Health-T Fitness Mat journey picture is listed here on the Health-T Fitness Mat Journey Wall we would love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment down below.

 Marin Gordon: Yoga Instructor
health t fitness mat

Health-T Fitness Mat Journey Wall

Health-T Fitness Mat with Maigen ThomasMaigen Thomas: Yoga Instructor

Michaelson Williams Health-T Fitness Mat_0594Lindsi Cagan: Yoga Instructor

RL Stuckey on his new Health-T Fitness Mat by Expert author and Fitness Guru Michaelson WilliamsRL Stuckey: Yoga Practitioner

Viola Stuckey with her new Health-T Fitness Mat by Michaelson WilliamsViola Stuckey: Yoga Practitioner

John Okula - Stretching -Health-T Fitness Mat by Michaelson Williams - yoga matJohn Okula: Vice President of Operations HTFM LLC. Morning Yoga on The Health-T Fitness Mat

Michaelson Williams Health-T Fitness Mat goes to Italy with JackHealth-T Fitness Mat Goes To Italy! Thank You Jack! 🙂

Billie Avery Southlight Healthcare Health T Fitness Mat by Michaelson Williams 1Michaelson Williams Donating Health-T Fitness Mat’s to Billie Alexander Avery from SouthLight Healthcare

Michaelson Williams presenting Dr. Howie Shareff with Health-T Fitness Mat - yoga matMichaelson Williams presenting Executive Director and Founder of “You Call This Yoga” Dr. Howie Shareff with his new Health-T Fitness Mat and BamBuddha carrying system

Health-T Fitness Mat Team at Yoga Event Shahzeel Khokhar, John Okula, Viola Stuckey and Michaelson Williams working the Health-T Fitness Mat booth at the 2016 “You Call This Yoga” event in Raleigh North Carolina.

Shahzeel Khokhar on the Health-T Fitness MatShahzeel Khokhar on the Health-T Fitness Mat at the You Call This Yoga event

More Health-T Fitness Mat and you journey pictures coming real soon. Be sure to send your favorite Health-T Fitness Mat yoga pose or workout to to be posted here.

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  1. Coffeespice says:

    How many times have we piled up yoga mats for thickness needed or used two so we weren’t having to focus on flipping our mats in the direction we needed for the instructors’ next position? Now that I have my Health T fitness mat, I get to think about my breath and position and not my mat, other than to think about how grateful I am to have my Health T! The next time you pile up, or have to rotate your mat or find yourself off the mat and on the floor, smile because you know your Health T fitness mat is just an order away!

  2. JohnOkula says:

    I Love the Health-T Fitness Mat. As one of the project development leaders I am extremely proud to be involved with the development of this innovative fitness and yoga mat. I look forward to a great future of the Health-T Fitness Mat and all the benefits it provides to the fitness and yoga community.

  3. RStuckey says:

    As a part of my most recent journey towards health, I committed to trying to enhance my body and mind rather than focusing on one or the other. When I started practicing yoga and other exercises in the comfort of my own home, I was using a traditional yoga mat. I quickly noticed that I was spending more time thinking about positioning my body in relation to the mat then thinking about my breath and form. I am not the most fit person nor do I want to be, but I am trying to move towards a better personal place of well-being. I feel the Health-t fitness mat helps me create the freedom to focus on the things that matter the most to me in my journey towards wellness. My hope is that anyone trying the mat will experience the same comfort and freedom that I have been able to experience!

  4. JohnOkula says:

    It was a great pleasure meeting with Billie Alexander Avery of Southlight Health Care and present her with our donation of the Health-T Fitness Mats. I’m very proud that our mats will be used in the continuing treatment and well being of recovering addicts. We at Health-T Fitness Mats believe in giving as much to the community for a worthy cause.

  5. Shahzeel Khokhar says:

    It is with great pleasure that I received the Health-T Fitness Mat. As an avid Martial Artist, Yoga is crucial to increasing blood flow which in turn lowers my risk of injuries. The mat was beyond awesome and covered the space I needed. I can do push-ups on the mat without touching the dirty ground. And when it’s time to go, clean up is easy. I highly recommend the mat!

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