How To Achieve Success on The Life Journey

Written By: Michaelson Williams - May• 16•15

how to achieve success

How To Achieve Success on The Life Journey

How to achieve success? What is the meaning of “True Success” Achievement and where can we find the lessons which will point us in the right direction? Within every life lesson comes a duality of meaning. The meaning in the lesson flows like a river that separates moving in two different directions. The lesson is presented to us as different paths to take which will either deliver a desired or undesirable outcome. There are almost always clues along the way which will help us to stay out of treacherous waters. If we are not mindful enough to observe helpful signs while on the life journey, our decisions will be in conflict with favorable results.

Ignorance of the subtle but intuitively built-in hints of “True Success” achievement leads to being thrust into life as if trapped in a raging river with life vest and oars thrown overboard. What tools are you using to help navigate your journey? Are you letting the currents of life take you blindly where it wants to go or are you directing and mapping your future?

The answers you provide to the question above can be used as a reference point to how much action should be taken towards your current goals.


Begin To Think Differently

Than You Have In The Past

how to achieve success

So what about what people, my friends, will think of me for changing my rivers flow? Many times we fear being different when learning how to achieve success, as we think it will bring ridicule by our peers. There will always be someone who is going to disagree with you if you are doing things differently than them. I have to say to this “so what”. So what if people think you are weird or different than everyone else? So what if people think you do not fit the status quo, or that you are creating waves. If you know that what you are doing is helpful and will create positive results for you or it makes constructive contributions to the world, go for it! Thinking you are the same as everyone else will almost always assure you stay the same as everyone else. This idea can remain for most of your life or at least until deliberate change takes place. Fearing what other people think of you can lead to a lack of motivation for making changes which will create success achievement.


True Success Achievement

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We must take chances in life if we want to reveal that we have something exceptional to offer the rest of world. Never be satisfied with being a part of the average crowd and definitely never be content with the position in life which someone else has dictated for you. Create an understanding in the mind that this world needs movers and shakers. People who create and cultivate the courage to be different instead of staying the same seem to always reap the positive benefits in one form or the other. Some reap these benefits on the world stage, while others garner them on a personal level. The second quote in my book CLP is “Change Your Mind; Change Your Life Journey, Forever.” The choice is always up to you when looking to attain “True Success” as long as you are willing to face your true fears. So hopefully now you understand better how to achieve success on the journey of life.

Article by: Michaelson Williams


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