Mastering The Art of Slow Learning

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jul• 24•15

mastering the art

Mastering The Art of Slow Learning

     As a child I was always told that I was a “slow learner”. Today I appreciate habits of slow learning as it have allowed me to master major aspects of my life. I continue to hone my skills through a slow learning process, cultivating my subconscious mind for higher achievement and greater success. I often wonder how many times in life I’ve been a “fast learner” only to squander away the lessons that could have been realized on a deeper level. Now that I have mastered of art of slow learning I move in almost complete harmony with the flow of my life journey. So to all of those people who referred to me as a slow learner, I am grateful and value the compliment.

Thank You!

Mastering The Art of Slow Learning By: Michaelson Williams


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