MMA Wealth Creation

Written By: Michaelson Williams
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MMA Wealth Creation

What Exactly Is The Masters of Mind Alliance Project?


The Masters of Mind Alliance “MMA” is a “Positive Brain Training for “True Success”” income generating program. One of the Master of Mind Alliance (MMA) points of focus is on creating within each of its enrollee’s a skill sets which allows some level of success, even if the program is not entirely applied by its users. However the curriculum must be fully implemented in order for our students to take complete advantage of the “True Success” guarantee. The project then moves participants through a series of “True Success” business relationship processes which will build into lifelong financial success. These newly acquired principles cannot be unidentified with during the “True Success” journey therefore they lend themselves to be used as a cornerstone of life.


Create The Wealth You Want, Not The Money You Need.  


In the opinion of the MMA in order to be successful in business in this day and time strong lasting relationships with generous likeminded people must be a
crucial focus. The Masters of Mind Alliance project takes the idea of like-mindedness and generosity a bit further with its built-in philanthropic principles. When you as a member make a gift of Positive Brain Training for “True Success” to others a portion of that charitable contribution is used to keep employment here in the United States. This means that every time a philanthropic group is built within the MMA structure we will be able to create work opportunities for someone in the future. The philanthropy of the MMA project assures and secures those people who have less of a chance to succeed, due to lack of confidence in the beginning; receive the lion’s share of assistance.


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The driving component to the MMA’s guaranteed “True Success” is the use of a unique Expanding Trainwashing Course (ETC) learning system which helps to facilitate changes in a negatively conditioned mind. The astonishing aspect of this learning system is that it follows no traditional education which teaches mediocrity and sameness. There is no selfish greed based training in the ETC allowing for much satisfaction knowing your efforts truly benefit those who need a hand up, instead of a handout. The “True Success” training of ETC is embedded with continual gratification while eliminating negatively generated fears. This ensures the Positive Brain Training for “True Success” attained during each baby step is kept at its optimal level of achievement.


Let’s Get Started!

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It’s Simple!

We At The Masters of Mind Alliance Do Not Speak In Terms Geared Towards “Boiler Room Baiting” Financial Conversations.

With The MMA YOU Create The Wealth You Want. Therefore, You Set Your Own Financial Growth Patterns.

First, Enroll Yourself and Five Others into the Positive Brain Training for “True Success” Coursework.

Next, In Addition, Enroll One More Person into the Program Absolutely Free!

The MMA Flips the Bill Completely in Your Name as Part of Our Philanthropy Program.

Developer Funding Is Based On Specific Performance and is Outlined in the MMA Project Developers Agreement.

Bonuses Are Available!

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Positive Brain Training for “True Success” Coursework

All Future Positive Brain Training for “True Success” Material is Free and Delivered at No Cost to Every Members.


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Important MMA Message

The Masters of Mind Alliance Project  is by invitation only. Therefore, if someone has not invited you to enroll directly, please do not try going through the enrollment process.  Instead contact Enrollment Assistance at with this quote in the subject and body of the email. “I’m Ready for True Success”. Someone will happily assist you with the MMA enrollment process. If you already possess an invitation simple click the green logo above and choose your enrollment option.

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The Masters of Mind Alliance Project is an ongoing project which builds minds capable of creating True Success in all facets of life. Moreover, there is a social MLM income generator program that allows members to create high-levels of income while building business relationships that last into the future. The MMA is not a short-term focused riches plan. Instead ,the Masters of Mind Alliance Project builds long-term sustainable wealth. Anyone can make “money” however, not everyone can build True Success and Wealth, at least not until now. If you want to do something different and meaningful with your life the MMA has built-in philanthropy. Members can help other people enroll into the Masters of Mind Alliance Project at ZERO cost. In turn for this magnificent gift of guaranteed True Success to others, members like you will receive a long-term residual financial return. For more information on the MMA project watch the short video below. To Learn About The Three True Success Phases of The MMA or Enroll Right Away CLICK the “Social Network Marketing” banner below.

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