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MMA – Masters of Mind Alliance


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Watch the short video to see how you can use more of your mind and less of your time to make money. Changing a mind from its negative conditioning in order to create positive success driven achievements is not easy. However success is now 100% guaranteed with the Masters of Mind Alliance project!


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MMA Universal Solution


 You CAN Make a Difference!

 How the Masters of Mind Alliance Helps You to Help Yourself and Others

The MMA – Masters of Mind Alliance, 51615 Universal Solution combines in phases Positive Brain Training Education, Instant Earning Potential, Automatic Philanthropy,  and Lucrative Product Development with a 100% True Success Guarantee never before seen in the business world.


Phase I

In phase one there is 12 months of positive brain training learning and counseling from professionals which will increase and ensure guaranteed success. Without this positive brain training success is short lived or unattainable. Lifelong negative conditioning will be re-trained and replaced with positive thinking that will create automation positive actions. There are also lectures on Expanding Trainwashing which assist in the recognition of negative behaviors. Included are also daily tips and affirmations that will keep you moving in the right direction. During this time if you have chosen to join the MMA-Masters of Mind Alliance you are building positive income through the 51615 Universal Solution. Therefore, as long as your personal course enrollments are current your own Expanding Trainwashing courses are Free!


Phase II

In phase two or the second part of the ETC- Expanding Trainwashing Learning Coursework which also last for 12 months focuses on expanding the Big Glass Door. If you have already read “Trainwashing: The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing” then you already understand how important imagination is to success. Another extremely important part of phase two is the well test positive mind change through self hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Positive hypnotherapy increases the activation and utilization of the “Big Glass Door”. The processes of hypnotherapy has been tested and mapped for complete successful thinking. Also as we (baby step) our way through the hypnotherapy process long-term negative conditioning which has been keeping you from “True Success” will be completely erased. At the same time together we you and the team will be working on the product developing stage. Yes, get excited as you will be working on the developing of your very own product that will potentially be marketed and sold too the public. Therefore for 12 months the main focus of the enrollee is to produce a product that will then be voted on by a committee in order to take product/s to market. The goal is that once the 24 months are completed a transition is made into entrepreneurial groups which are developing products to be sold to the public. Everyone wins with the MMA-Masters of Mind Alliance project.


Phase III

Once the ETC – Expanding Trainwashing learning has been completed and products have been developed the entrepreneurial committee and group will vote on the products that look the most promising. These products will be financed and brought to market and profits will be shared by the developing person (You) and group stemming from the gifting program. The product voting process is based on whether the group believes the product/s is at least a $1 million idea. If a product is not chosen for further investigation then the originator of the product has the opportunity as a new positive thinking entrepreneur to bring the product to market on his/her own. Completing all three phases of ETC-coursework and MMA-Masters of Mind Alliance project means you will walk away with a new positive outlook on your own success, potential product/s, BCB-Business Connection Building, partnerships and most important 100% Guaranteed Success that was promised. Everyone Wins with the MMA-Masters of Mind Alliance Project!


Every aspect of the Expanding Trainwashing Learning Courses and assistance from the ETC – Expanding Trainwashing Coaches will have to be utilized to guarantee your true success. By end of the second phase all positive energy and positive brain training for complete and total “True Success” is in place. All of the steps needed are activated in the brain and the action momentum is moving rapidly.




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