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Written By: Michaelson Williams

Watch this full Masters of Mind Alliance video presentation and training. Get on the list to be sent an invitation to join the MMA 51615 Universal Solution and start Earning While Learning. It’s 100% Guarantee for True Success!


Email: platinumteam@michaelsonwilliams.com with “I Want To Be On The List” and you will receive a special code that will allow you access to the total 100% Guaranteed True Success Training.



I’ve Made It Extremely Simple to Get Started

Please Read Carefully

After watching the complete presentation/training video above simply start using the information from this website to introduce and attract others into your enrollment list. Do not be shy about using the copy/paste method of attracting your contacts list; friends, family, and all social media to you for building your Universal connections. Using information from this website is exclusive to MMA – Masters of Mind Alliance members, enrollees, and ETC’s only. Please read the terms and condition for everyone else. Everyone enrolling into the Masters of Mind Alliance project must possess two distinct numbers or entry will not be granted. The first is an alphanumeric access code from a current invitation from an enrolled member of the MMA. The second is the MMA members uniquely created USPN or Universal Star Positioning Number.  These important numbers let us and you track all enrollments into the MMA Universal groups that you form over the entire Expanding Trainwashing course period. Even more importantly your personal USPN tracks Universal group members so that you will get paid properly each month for the current built Universe as well as future partnerships at the end of the training. Each and every step of the training process has been carefully planed so that by the end of the Expanding Trainwashing Learning courses member enrollees are rolled directly into success business group partnerships. After 90 days coaches (ETC) Expanding Trainwashing Coaches will contact each MMA member/enrollee for counseling and progress evaluation.

The MMA-Master of Mind Alliance 51615 Universal Solution Project works because it combines the Positive Brain Training Education, Instant Earning Potential, Lucrative Future Business Ventures , and Automatic Philanthropy, with a 100% Success Guarantee never seen before in the business world.


Your Life Is About To Change, Forever!




Insight into the Psychology of the Mega-Wealthy
Where do YOU fit in?
The plain true is; if YOU do not change the way YOU currently think,

YOU will not “fit in”.

The best way to make real change is from within, not from the outside looking in.


This video is not a part of the MMA – Masters of Mind Alliance Project.

However I did find it interesting enough to include on this website as a bonus.

Change Your Mind; Change Your Life Journey, FOREVER!




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