Written By: Michaelson Williams

The Art of Listening is Back Plus 2 FREE Bonus Books! Welcome to The Confidant Room for level 2 VIP Members Only. The Confidant Room is the place where you can express your inner most secrets to a professional listener. Accessing The Confidant Room induces a psychological release in the positive brain training journey which lifts a huge weight from your shoulders. The best part about it is accessing The Confidant Room is completely private. This is so the pressures of life one may be holding on to can be let go and positive brain training can take its place. Level 2 VIP Member get all VIP Membership access plus The Confidant Room, Trainwashing: The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing and as an added Bonus I’m Core Fit: Success in One Day for the Rest of Your Life!




The dictionary defines “Confidant” as one to whom secrets of private matters are disclosed, such as a trusted friend or servant.


What We DO

Listen – That’s it.

What do you do when your BF tells all of your private business or looks at you with judging eye? I’ll tell you. You call The Confidant Room.

What is The Confidant Room you ask?

Answer: The place where you can be listened to by a live person without interruption, judgment, disapproval, scolding, chastisement, bad advice, any advice, or over talking your points.

For 10 minutes a call you can empty your mind so you can start a new! Sometimes we already know what should be done to correct our mistakes in life. We just need someone to listen before a clear decision can shine through. Give it a try you’ll feel better!

We are not your mother, father, spouse, guardian, boyfriend, girlfriend, classmate, social worker, shrink, etc. There are no “text message” miscommunications because we are only here to hear you; to pay close attention; to be a conduit for venting your thoughts, feelings, troubles, ideas, etc.

I am your Professional Confidant Listener!


The bottom line is we listen to you. Our Confidant’s will always let you know there is someone listening but will never interrupt your flow of speaking. If there is a pause in your thought pattern take a deep breathe and continue speaking with the listening confidant. We Hear You! This phone call is completely private and between you and the Confidant.

How it works

As a Level 2 VIP Member The Confidant Room is yours to access anytime between 7 am and 11:30 pm est for 10 minutes per call. Level 2 VIP Member get to use this services two times per month for as long as they hold a level 2 VIP membership.

Call the phone number below, leave your “name” and a call back number. With 2 minutes and (not more than that) a live confidant will be calling. You will be given a unique assess code for subsequent call backs. Each time you call The Confidant Room the code received will be used to confirm your VIP Membership. Once the assess code is confirmed begin speaking to your live confidant listener. When your 10 minutes are completed the Professional Confidant Listener will promptly and politely end the call with you.

Please call our professionals at 919-809-7640 to leave your message.

Our listeners are not therapist. They are professional listeners and perform their listening task exclusively for The Confidant Room. This does not mean a professional counselor, therapist, psychologist or life coach will not be on the other line, we just cannot guarantee that is who the professional listener is a the moment.

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