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Written By: Michaelson Williams

Introduce Critical Thinking into your observations of media and create a mind stronger and more powerful than any man-made weapon.

Do not be afraid to watch the these entire videos. It is okay to become a Critical Thinker. I am still researching all of the information in these videos and I employ you to do the same. Please do not let your emotions dictate a response that will not allow you to find out the truth even though the truth you find may invoke a great deal of fear.

This video is titled “I Don’t Need a Man” WOW! I had to place this video on my site. Thank you ShieldWife for posting to YouTube! This is an amazing video to exercise one’s critical thinking abilities. Agree or disagree people think and feel in this manner therefore it warrants some attention.

Sometimes critical thinking can come from the strangest places. Listen to the words and please, do not let your own ego stop your process of Critical Thinking about this video.

The youth around the world are waking up to the brainwashing that is going on, what about you?

The simplest way to end the debates with this video is to eliminate from power the people who are greedy enough to put machines of mindless and heartless warfare in place. Absolutely nothing good will come from the drones and other machine which allow people to conduct mindless warfare from a distance. This is simple psychology and critical thinking. War is a manufacturing of mankind who create enemies of other in order to take what does not belong to them. If proper critical thinking is used then the understanding that whatever man create to destroy another man he will eventually use upon his own peoples.  Watch this video and decide for yourself.

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