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Written By: Michaelson Williams

What professionals of all walks of life are saying about Michaelson Williams and his work.

Jason Dickens Ph.D.

Jason Dickens Ph.D.

“One of the hardest steps in life is recognizing the lifelong negative conditioning one has received. Michaelson Williams reveals in “Trainwashing” that the societal fear and control conditioning (negative precepts) imposed on each of us from numerous institutions ultimately robs us, and the world around us, from our individual inherent and unique greatness. Mr. Williams ethos and process is simple yet profound to realize happiness and “True Success” through the life journey. Michaelson’ work makes a unique and profound contribution for self-improvement and more importantly sustained self awareness and personal expansion. With the heightened socialistic trends around us this new philosophy allows us to take back our individual liberty while at the same time learning to give more of who we are to those around us.” Jason Dickens, Ph.D.

Counselor, MACO

Counselor, MACO, LCAS-P

“First, I’d like to say kudos to you, the one reading this review because you are attempting to take your own life in your own “brain” as it is. While this review has every intention to brainwash you into purchasing this book, so that you can in the future trainwash yourself, I’m writing the review because I’m am excited about my success that has already begun in my life since reading about and practicing positive brainwashing. With a masters degree in counseling, I can identify and celebrate when humanity has a tool to live out its best life, and Michaelson Williams give you clear metaphors and exercises to positively brainwash yourself. So if you have any desire to own your own brain and the life it creates for you, this is a must read…and must practice! Second, I’d like to say kudos to Michaelson for practicing what he teaches.” Viola Stuckey, Counselor, MACO, LCAS-P

Owner or Lavish Life Internation

Owner or Lavish Life International

“Thank you to Michaelson Williams. Not only for giving me the guidance and business prowess I needed, but for believing in me. As cheesy as that sounds, Mr. Williams had been a father-figure for me. He was there for me, at my lowest. He taught me how to handle myself in a business setting, how to diversify my investments. No words can do justice to what Mr. Williams did for me.”Shahzeel Khokhar. CEO of Lavish Life International

Russian Blogger

Russian Blogger

“Under the right circumstances everybody are able to achieve true greatness. If you truly believe things are possible they become possible, and you can do whatever you set your mind to. But we spend too much of our time being brainwashed into thinking we are (not) good enough, we are (not) strong enough, and that someone else or something controls every aspect of our lives.
This 142 page book shows exactly how the brains of people are different. Frequently we suppose that something or someone controls our destiny. This book of Trainwashing strives to change our demotivating set of mind and allow us to be in control over our current and future life.
The author, Michaelson Williams, says that most of us are malignantly brainwashed into thinking that we are not able to compose own way in life. He calls his new method Trainwashing. This is a practical method of cleansing your mind of the accumulated negative patterns in your brain due to brainwashing. Michaelson William, an entrepreneur, author, and critical thinker, applies a unique philosophy and psychology.
I really found this book useful. I see how to pass old sticking points and move forward using a “winner’s brain” strategy. This book really opened up my mind, and converted the secrets of positive brainwashing into useful tool of success.” Alexander Petrochenkov, Russian Blogger



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