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Written By: Michaelson Williams

Build Your Brand Name While Being an MMA (CLP) Contest Sponsor!
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Corrective Linguistic Programming CLP Contest Sponsors
Marketing and Promotional Plan

How may I become a new MMA (CLP contest) sponsor? Becoming a contest sponsor is by invitation only. Potential sponsors must have a product, service or business viable to the Masters of Mind Alliance Project. In other words products focused on helping other people become successful too. Sponsors must be able to provide, services, or cash prizes (Gift Cards) etc to be on the sponsors list. It will not take a great deal of money to get on the sponsors list however, the more the better. I am going to be very selective on who makes the MMA CLP contest sponsors promotion and marketing list. Money is not the complete driving force for making the list if you or your product does a great deal to better human life.
The CLP contest marketing and promotional plan within include the following.
1. CLP video contest on YouTube: People will enter the contest by purchasing CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming; How To Achieve Your Positive Life INTUITIVELY book. Post video readings of their favorite citations, lyrics and poems to achieve a set goal number of views.
2. Email promotion and marketing to over 50,000 MMA email address list.
3. Marketing to Facebook groups in excess of 150 with no less than 20,000 members in each group.
4. All members of the MMA (CLP Contest) will promote the contest and list to their Facebook friends, fans pages, groups and other social media. This is required to be a sponsor of the Masters of Mind Alliance CLP contest.
5. Marketing and promoting sponsors list and website links, and logos on , pending approval.
6. Others; Linkedin, Pinterest, Google, contest and sponsor list promotions.
7. Multiple sponsors sharing contest and sponsors list in their own member groups.
8. Potential viewership imprints in the multiple tens of millions over the course of the contest and also after winners are chosen.

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