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Michaelson Williams, an entrepreneur, author, and critical thinker, applies a unique philosophy and psychology when thinking about success. Having been the CEO of multiple companies, involved in martial arts since the age of 4 ½ years old, a health and fitness consultant, and an avid student of years of psychology study, he developed a unique technique called “Trainwashing”. He hopes his new Trainwashing techniques will assist others in becoming successful.

Michaelson possesses various degrees and professional certifications from business, martial arts, personal training, and security contracting. This gives Michaelson a broad perspective on how people and the human mind react to pressure when dealing with success and failure. Michaelson continues to educate himself in the ways of human thinking and behaviors in order to help others on a successful journey in life. Michaelson has already written several books in different genres but all are based on the functionality and psychology of the human mind.

Author Michaelson WilliamsThe True Success Expert!

Michaelson Williams ESP,TDI,PPS.T3,TACS,PDI,

michaelsons-security-sheild-for-esp-84736Greater Dangers Await… Always Prepared

Founder of The MMAP Learning Center and Masters of Mind Alliance Project


Other Expertise Include:

* Member of the Foundation for Critical Thinking

* Author in multiple genres

* Degree in Business at UOP

* North Carolina State Bodybuilding Champion (1999)

* Personal Trainer Certified, Xpert Rating Certified Professional

* Creator of the I’m CloudFit Training Systems Certifications (ICFTS) series

* Creator of the “Expanding Trainwashing Courses”/ Positive Thinking and Behavior for True Success

Security Contracting:

*   Personal Protection Specialist (PPS-T3) Certified
*   Tactical Defense and Tactical Defense Instructor (TDI) Certified
*   Dedicated student and teacher of various Martial Arts disciplines for over 25 years


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