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Written By: Michaelson Williams

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Positive Brain Training and Lifestyle Coaching

Author of Trainwashing: The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing and creator of arguably the most important self-help motivational system on the market today.

Coaching Topics:

Successful Thinking and Behavior

Collective Positive Brain Training


Successful Baby Steps

Personal and Professional Peak Performance

Traveling From: North Carolina

Speaking Fee Range: $10,001 – $25,000

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Trainwashing Start Here

Reading this book I would like you to understand the old cliché “you can do whatever you set your mind to” is absolutely true. Under the right circumstances we are able to achieve true greatness. Nothing is outside of our reach or greater than our own abilities.
If you truly believe things are possible they become possible. Sometimes, all we need is the chance to prove ourselves to ourselves and a lot of times we do not seize the opportunity to do so. I have seen people do some truly amazing things but it has only happened in certain situations. Sometimes the amazing things we do are forced upon us by the situations in which we are in at any given moment. Being an accidental hero in an emergency situation is an example in which one can be amazing.
I have seen people do amazing things by taking the opportunity to put themselves in a place from which they chose in order to see how well they would perform. I have also seen people do amazing things even though they’ve been in the same situation for years, yet one day they decided to change and become amazing. Every situation in life gives us an opportunity to do something extraordinary, a chance to take a chance on passing or failing.

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