Current Projects

Written By: Michaelson Williams

These are the book projects that I am currently working on right now. I am very excited about these new book titles and cannot wait until they’re release!

Okay, this is going to seem a bit unbelievable but my current book project consist of a 5 book series. I promised myself that after this project is complete there will be no more fitness books written. I will return to the writing I am drawn to which requires me to do huge amounts of research on human behavior. I am working hard on this book series because it is very important to me that I reveal my I’m Core Fit exercise training system to the world. I am unable to reveal much of the information at this point as my intellectual properties are still in the process of be protected. I assure you once the books are released everything will be in order and legalities place.

Here are the cover designs for the book series. I hope you LOVE them!

We Are Fit Volume 1-F

We Are Fitness Volume 2-F

We Are Fitness Volume 3-F

We Are Fitness Volume 4-F

We Are Fitness Volume 5







The Adventures of CT: The Children’s Books for Adults
Volume: 4 The Speak Master

The Speak Master Book Cover

Coming Soon!

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