Success Years/The Numbers Game

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jan• 16•14

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Success Years and The Numbers Game

85-30=55, 85-40=45, 85-50=35, 85-60=25

   What do these calculations mean? Most of us focus a great deal on how much of our life time has passed instead of what time we have left. Focusing on what time perceived to be lost will most definitely keep your mind at a certain place in time, usually in the past. Instead of focusing on how much time has gone by (The Past) begin focusing on the time you have in life to make your mark on the world (The Now). Then implement baby step goals that will start working you toward achieving small goals. Small goals become huge accomplishments in time. The numbers; if you live to 85 years old and you are 30 right now you have 55 years left to create success in your life. If you are 40 years old you have 45 years, at 50 you have 35 years and even at 60 years old you still have a full 25 years to become a true success in life.

   There is more than enough time to achieve true success in life, if you can play the numbers game with laser like focus. It is thought it takes somewhere around 10,000 hours to become an expert in any field of study. This may seem like a great deal of time to some and very little time to others. Nevertheless it does not take this many hours to become successful in one’s life. Success can achieved before the 10,000 hours are completed if being mentored by an expert. In other words, expertise can be realized ever so quickly when training with other experts. Small successes are almost always achieved while working on becoming an expert. Matter of fact it is the small successes which creates the mind of an expert. The expert then creates complete success because of the information and knowledge her or she possesses.

The Mind and The Numbers Game

   Yes, shaping success does take time however it is how the time is used which will determine the length of time it takes to be successful. Wasting time thinking about what has not been accomplished over the past years of your life will carry over into the future years. What you’ll find is there will be in constant thought of what could have been accomplished last year. Every year that passes will be filled with more and more regret. What must take place is a completely altered psychology and focus on what CAN be accomplished in the years to come. The way we interact with life is based on how we have been conditioned to do so and this can lead to a negative life perception. The perception is to look outward instead of inward for understanding of self. Our inward view of ourselves is nothing more than a mirror reflection of what we see out in the world.

the numbers game

Changed Psychology and The Numbers Game

   In life there are always important choices to make which can and will lead to true success. In this case the choice needed to be made is whether you spent the rest of your life dying or living. We all have a path we must take in life. The path cannot be realized if we find ourselves always waiting for something to happen instead of creating what needs to happen. Notice I did not say that we have to find the path. There is no need to find the path as the way only needs to be realized. Everyone is always talking about finding the path to this or that. Taking action reveals the path because there is nothing to seek; it’s always there within every fiber of our human being. The path to true success is always revealed through actuation which methodically eliminates negative decisions. None of this can be accomplished if the mind if focused of perceived past failures.

 There is Still Time!

   The next time you feel like there is just too little time to get on the road to begin working toward becoming an expert rethink it. If the feeling comes over you that you are too old to start of new path to success change your psychology. Whenever the feeling comes that your best years are behind you or that the success game is for the youth, stop. It just isn’t true. There is enough time left in your life to accomplish anything you wish before it becomes part of a bucket list. Isn’t it funny how we get off of our butts and try to do everything we missed right before we die? That’s if we even have the strength to use the bathroom on our own. Calculate how many years you have left to live; think about becoming any expert at something and get moving. It’s likely that most of the ten thousand hours it takes to become and expert are already completed. You just need to apply your expertise with a little action and then start reaping the benefits.


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