The Circus Elephant In The Room

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Dec• 09•16

circus elephant in the room

The Circus Elephant In The Room

MLM, Networking Marketing, HBB, and the MMA
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You’ve heard of “the elephant in the room” so now let’s talk about “The Circus Elephant in The Room”. The outrageous side of MLM and Network Marketing where every business opportunity seems to be presented as if it‘s a show in a three ringed circus. The internet is jam-packed with advertisements of “get rich quick” opportunities and flashy ads spilling over with images of money as its sale tactic. The focus on greed is extremely disproportionate to the number of people who will actually create wealth while in the MLM, Network Marketing, and HBB-Home Based Business arena.1The presenters of these grand business opportunities perform as if there is a limited supply of audience members under the MLM tent. The HBB home based business community is growing exponentially and yet the attitude is as if there are only a few million people on the entire planet willing to join the ranks…

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The Circus Elephant In The Room

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