Stop Complaining About The One Percent

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Mar• 29•15

the one percent

Stop Complaining About The One Percent

          Stop complaining about the one percent in this country and around the world. There is a new opportunity in front of you all the time to join them. Only the negative conditioning and fear of not achieving success holds you at bay. Becoming a part of the one percent takes more than hard work. It takes a hard working mind, free of negative conditioning and fear. True self-evaluation will help you to realize what you seek isn’t just for them. The riches in life you want are as much yours as anyone else.


       Complaining about the “haves” or the one percent maintains you stay on the outside looking in as a “have not”. The only way to create change in the world of the Ultra-Wealthy is from the inside. Complaining about the issues only allows time to pass for a false resolution, keeping you occupied with frivolous ideas of saving the world. On the other hand positive action trumps belligerent behavior every single time.


       Expanding the mind will almost guaranteed that doors open to becoming a member of the “elite”. The task at hand is to create a world of “Expanded Minds” who view being “elite” as an opportunity for all. Revolution need not ensue by warring but instead by constructing a collective mindset capable of soaring to great heights. Expanded minds possess a greater ability to generate Huge Wealth in ways a neglected mind will not comprehend.


the one percent


       It is 100% true; we all have the ability within us to obtain Great Wealth in life and it is our choice to do so, or not. However, up until this point, the point you found my website, books, and coursework you were in the dark. Maybe you weren’t in complete darkness nonetheless partial darkness still isn’t absolute light. What you did not know is there are control factors keeping you from making the right life choices.


       Yes, I’ve said it. You are being controlled. But Not Anymore! You are in the process of unlocking your mind to allow your Greatness to reveal itself to you. Here are some important questions to ask of yourself.

What will you do when you the reach level of “True Success” you’ve dreamed about?

What will you do for other people when you achieve 1 percent status?

What will you do when the 1% becomes 3% in order to facilitate assuredly it reaches 5, 7, 10% etc.?

the one percentBelongs to Everyone!


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