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Written By: Michaelson Williams - May• 14•13

MMA and Other Methods of Cross Training
If you consider yourself advanced in your fitness and you want to take your level of fitness up a notch, then cross train your fitness. Cross training in fitness can mean many different things to the athlete, but what it means to everyone is doing something in addition to whatever you’re doing currently. Therefore if you use a virtual platform like I’m CloudFit or still go to a brick and mortar, you want to add something else without over training.

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A great way to cross train is to take up swimming a few times a week. Training jujitsu, wrestling or any grappling martial art is an awesome way to build your level of fitness through cross training. The grappling arts can be some of the most difficult cardio and muscular workouts that you can ever perform as cross training.

The grappling arts are outstanding for increasing levels of fitness because they require using the entire body at once. When you are grappling, there is no muscle — including cardiovascular — that gets left out during the training. MMA has become the leading exercise and staple of cross training. Every martial artist who fights in the UFC or in any octagon type of fighting platform cross trains their fitness.

Most of the fighters who fight MMA study three to five different martial arts or styles of fighting at one time. These guys take up swimming, they run, rock climb, bike and any other exercise that pushes them to the absolute limit of their fitness level. The great thing about cross training through MMA-type training is these platforms are also moving to the virtual world.

You don’t have to be a professional fighter in order to build your level of fitness through cross training. There are very simple ways to cross train your fitness safely in your everyday life to build your health and fitness. If you are going out for a couple mile run, to cross train just implement push-ups, jumping jacks, and free squats while you are on your run. When you are cross training you want to have a trilateral fitness regimen.

What this means is you want to be able to work your muscles through weight training while increasing cardiovascular system workouts and generating better balance and core by training your stabilizers muscles. As always, if you are adding cross training into your fitness regimen, start off very slowly and build over time. You are not going to become a superman or superwoman overnight, so make sure that you use precautions and safety first when cross training.

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It is very important that you use safety when performing any of the exercises or exercising in any of the locations mentioned within the pages of this book. You want to make sure you exercise caution when implementing new exercise regimens because new workouts and exercises are almost always more difficult. You do not want to injure yourself during the implementation of new cross training workouts. Incurring an injury will set you back a great deal and the fight back from an injury can be a difficult and long unnecessary process when safety could have been used. Getting injured will suck the motivation completely out of you. My point is, if you didn’t get it, Be Safe!

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