Top 10 Critical Thinking Quotes from CLP

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Aug• 04•15

top 10 critical thinking quotes from clp

Top 10 Critical Thinking Quotes from CLP

There are 216 citation within the pages of CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming; How To Achieve Your Positive Life INTUITIVELY. In this “Top 10” list I will be looking at what I feel to be the best of the critical thinking quotes. This list is based upon the quotes ability to invoke critical thinking from the reader. The criterion set forth in list are simply to select quotes geared towards thinking beyond mere words and to spawn the questioning of one’s own beliefs. Once you own CLP for yourself the top ten lists may look complete different based on your perspective. The full effect of CLP citations cannot be delivered in this “Top 10” list as CLP uses verbal, meditative, and visual stimulation in the layout of most of the citations. Therefore, I cannot fully demonstrate the potential positive impact of CLP citations here. Nevertheless, the best effort was put into narrowing down the many quotes in a category relative to critical thinking. I hope you enjoy this “Top 10” list of critical thinking quotes and be sure to check out the link below for more top 3, 5, and ten lists. All citations were written originally by Michaelson Williams.

1. “Ask questions on success and you will seek the answers. Seek answers and you will find truth. Find truth and you will discover achievement. Discovering achievement brings about the knowledge that success and True Success are fundamentally divergent and the journey begins again.” pg. 214

2. “Truth is Truth. Picking and choosing what you want to believe doesn’t make real truth false, even if you slumber in the bed of a lie.” pg. 207

3. “Don’t jump on every bandwagon, or you may find the music being played although charismatic sounding is dreadfully destructive to the world.” pg. 189

4. “If you expect people to listen to what you have to say, you must first hear your own words. Be still in thought to hear your mind speak or you’ll end up talking with a sick tongue.” pg. 188

5. “Those who reward children for the mundane are drowning the child in the presenters’ own failures.” pg. 176

6. “We all take part through our deepest thoughts in the dropping of bombs in the name of warring for peace. Whether we are fighting for it or against it, there is still war in our hearts.” pg. 169

7. “Liberate yourself from unconstructive beliefs forced upon you by others for imprisonment sake. Allow into this space a new-fangled reality which warrants viewpoints increasing a new understanding.” pg. 163

8. “Not every man puts on his trousers in the same manner each morning. Some men put their pants on one leg at a time while others start with one leg and end with a leg which drives a negative ego. Clothes do not make the man; however, a uniform will make the man think he is something greater than the man he pursues with egoistic legs.” pg. 159

9. “Harboring feeling of hatred inside will turn your insides in to a soup, with sickness as its main ingredient.” pg. 146

10. “The task at hand is to create a world of ‘Expanded Minds’ who view being ‘elite’ as an opportunity for all. A revolution need not ensue by warring but instead by creating minds capable of Soaring to Great Heights.” pg. 137


Top 10 articles written by: Michaelson Williams

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