Top 10 Reasons for Failure in Life and Why

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jul• 30•15

top 10 reasons for failure

Top 10 Reasons for Failure

in Life and Why

As a preface, I would like to mention to anyone reading this Top 10 list or any of my other top list; that this information is based upon personal opinion and my own research. The“Top 10” lists do not follow mainstream ideas set forth by political correctness standards. In other words this information can be ignored and taken with a grain of salt or implemented as a tool for positive change. The choice is ultimately up to the reader. I have researched very comprehensively the matters which I discuss in each of my Top 10 list; however, do not make any guarantees of success here. Any materials suggested in this or other lists are completely of the opinion of the individual authors and I make no claims of the validity of their work. Much of the information in these “Top 10” list is based upon personal experience and research for my published works. How you use this information is entirely up to the reader. I wish each and every one of my reader the very best of success. Happy Journeying! Read more Top 10‘sat link below.


  1. Upbringing or the Way You were Reared
    • We are heavily influenced by the environment in which we are reared. And when I say “heavily” what I mean is, the environment shapes our entire reality up until a certain age. Some residual conditioning if gone unchecked can last a lifetime. So why do many people seem almost destined to fail in life? I believe that many times parents fail to program the child’s minds away from the negative conditioning which they possess themselves. Have you ever heard the phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? This principle is very true when it comes to how we are conditioned in the early stages of life. However, the programming we start with as children isn’t necessarily what has to continue throughout the entire life journey. At some point the programming of the mind become the responsibility of the user. By reading this Top 10 list you are engaging in reprogramming negative conditioning. Congratulations!

  1. Negative Brainwashing
    • Defeatist brainwashing comes in many different forms and through conduits which most people do not even realize. Parent’s young and old alike are many time completely unaware of the failure indoctrination of failure being induced on their children, by their hand. If an adult does not understand his or her own negative brainwashing, how can they have a clue about creating such an environment for their children? You don’t. Over and over the processes of negative conditioning are past down to the next generation assuring a new group of “productive members of society”. Slaves in my opinion. Moreover, if you are thinking that slavery in modern terms is isolated to a particular race, creed, or social situation baring the “elite” you’re wrong. Systems of social conditioning are everywhere and have been with us our entire life.

  1. Facilitating of Continued Negative Conditioning
    • Once we reach a certain age or “mind maturity” then it becomes our responsibility to facilitate what type of programming is received. So why do so many people continue the programming set in place by others such as; government, corporations, church, parents, media, etc, etc.? Plain and simple, it’s easy. Negatively programmed minds are none the wiser; therefore, continued and even amplified erroneous programming feels like home. In other words we tend to stay where we feel most comfortable, even if it is leading us nowhere. One of the greatest admissions a person may face in our time is the fact that her or she could very well be negatively brainwashing into a failure mentality.

  1. Lack of Positive Programming
    • The lack of positive programming will leave a person feeling as if they are always pushing a bolder up hill. We’ve all seen the picture of the little faceless man pushing the huge rock up a steep hill and may even wondered “is that me?” The question comes from deep with the inner-self as if the unconscious is speaking softly in our ears. The answer to the bolder question is absolutely yes, for many people. You are pushing the rock up that hill and are in many cases afraid to let that rock go. However, the rock is only there because of the lack of positive programming. Positive programming is the counter balance to all negative perceptions embedding into your world view. Take away the negative conditioning and the hill becomes flat. The bolder erodes into a smooth pebble to be skipped across the pond.

       top 10 reasons for failure

      Top 10 reasons for failure in life and why?

  1. Fear
    • Fear is innate and has assisted in the facilitation and perpetuation of mankind’s existence. Moreover, without a healthy amount of fear surely the population would decrease exponentially. Fear can also be debilitating and used for factors of controlling human psyche. The failure mindset is entrenched in fear based programming which can leave a person literally stuck, not knowing how to be successful on the life journey. Fear is poison for the mind; however, healthy fear can turn out to be a huge motivator for those people who understand their own programming. Ask yourself, are you using fear to move you towards success or are your fears crushing the dreams you knew as child.

  1. The Wrong Kind of Don’t Care Attitude
    • Is there a “right” kind of don’t care attitude? In my opinion, totally, as long as there is no unsettling reasoning behind the “I don’t care” attitude. “I don’t care” without any positive motivation. Example: I don’t care if I win or lose which mean you are planning to lose. I don’t care with positive motivation. Example: I don’t care; I am going to strive to achieve my goal by any means. One of these examples will most likely lead to a lack of achievement. The first example leaves everything up to chance or in someone else hands. You know what I mean, the invisible man. On the other hand, the second example dictates that you are in control of the outcome. The first “I don’t care” relieves you of your power and assures the inner-conversation continues a negative path. The second “I don’t care” gives you full power and allow forward momentum void of the “I quits”.

  1. Copper Top Syndrome
    • If you’ve ever seen the Matrix then you may already know at least partially where I am going with the “copper top syndrome” idea. Have you ever asked yourself “what am I here for”, “What is my purpose in life”? I would think that at some point in your life this question has crossed your mind. The question has definitely cross mine more than a few times. What was the answer that you gave yourself? Would you have the same answer today that you had when the question first crossed your mind? If the answer to the question does not change and life seems to be on continuous loop, you may be a copper top.

    • So what is a “copper top” and how can it be a negative condition of the human psyche? A “copper top” is a reference for a type of battery or throw away energy source. We use batteries to power many of our electronic devices but really they are no good for anything else. To possess the “copper top syndrome” is to function in society as little more than something that is used for its limited power then discarded. Mundane, unexciting, jobs that do not create ample positive growth yet are continuously performed year after year is copper top syndrome. What people choose to do for work in life should be exciting, fun, and fuel the mind with happiness beyond ones imagination. Do you have “copper top syndrome”?

      top 10 reasons for failure

  1. Following the GPS Instead of the Map
    • Are you following the GPS or mapping your own directions on the life journey? This is a very simple concept. When people create for themselves a world in which there is little spontaneity in life, they are following the GPS. This type of mindset never takes the road less travel, always paints inside the lines, and rarely if ever become the explorer. People with this mindset are conditioned to not take chances, play it safe, and don’t make waves. If you don’t know someone like this then it is likely that you are this person. I’m not saying that this is all bad. However, rarely do people who place themselves in this box realize that the trip from A to B should be full of fun bumps, along with twist and turns seemingly leading nowhere. Begin using the map. It’s a lot more fun!

  1. Short Attention Span
    • A huge killer of potential giants is the short attention span. In order to build anything worth loving and being proud of one must possess or develop a long attention span. In the fast paced, throw away, get rich quick world of today people have adopted the idea that Rome was built in one hour while waiting for photos. I have seen people start businesses one week and completely give up the next. I am always utterly amazed at the lack of focus and attention people have for true goal achievement. This type of attitude can only yield one outcome, failure, and not the good kind. I do not normally endorse the setting of long-term goal; however, in this case I will make an exception. Here is a small suggestion, set one long-term goal out past the two year mark supported by a bouquet of small goals along the way. I will talk more about increasing the attention span in a subsequent top 10 list.

  1. Can’t Wake Up
    • If you find you cannot awaken from a false reality remember this “every piece of the puzzle gained in life get’s you one step closer to understanding the full picture.” This quote is my book CLP-Corrective Linguistic Programming; How To Achieve Your Positive Life Intuitively.We don’t have to understand everything that guides us towards “True Success” as long as the tools we use are solid. Sometimes waking into enlightenment can feel like opening the shades of the winder on a sunny day to quickly. We nap the shades closed again and jump quickly back into bed pulling the covers over our head. This is because for many “enlightenment” is some mythical space reserved for gurus, shaman, and holy men. This is further from the truth. Enlightenment is the simple task of knowing more than you did yesterday. Right now you are enlightened!

Top 10 articles written by: Michaelson Williams

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