Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss Success from an Expert

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Jul• 19•15

top 10 tips for weight loss

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss Success from an Expert


1. Do not pressure yourself to lose weight.

When you put unnecessary pressure on yourself to lose weight, your mind has a tendency to reject the changes you are trying to implement. The pressures in which you are placing on yourself to lose weight cause a negative reaction in your mind. At this point the mind limits the level of success your body would have achieved without the added pressure. Take some of the strain away from the weight loss journey by easing yourself through a series of “Baby Step” actions.

2. First learn to love who you are right now.

Love yourself for who you are right now and then make changes in order to better your life. In other words, you don’t have to torture yourself in order to make positive health and fitness gains. In fact if you do not love yourself and the way you look before you start making changes your success rate drops. You do not have to hate the way your body looks in order to make positive changes in your health and fitness. It is okay to love the extra pounds that you have on your body and still be able to lose weight in order to love yourself even more. Loving yourself and loving your body is about taking care of your health and fitness not about beating yourself up for things you haven’t done properly or positively when it comes to your health and fitness.

3. The stay period

There is a period of time in which your body does not recognize that your new weight loss is truly where it should be. In other words the body wants to maintain the weight prior to current weight loss almost in a manner of rejection. There needs to be a period of time “The Stay Period” in which new weight loss is maintained.If the new body weight is not sustained for a period of time in which the body feels it to be normal weight gain returns. Moreover,there may be greater weight gain than previously known. There is always weight gain once normal eating habits are resumed when dieting. This is why dieting can feel like failing. Changing eating habits for life decreases the possibility of unwanted weight gain. However, if you do not let the body adjusts to the weight loss you may be looking at extra weight gain over and beyond the initial lost weight. The “stay period” allows the body to stabilize new weight loss within natural time frame. Therefore, your new healthier body is much less likely to regain unwanted body fat.

4. Do not focus so much on your rate of change when it comes to losing weight.

Focusing on your rate of weight loss is not as important as the fact that weight loss is occurring in the first place, even though the change may be slow. Whether the weight loss if occurring in your perception fast or slow does not matter. What matters is that the change “weight loss” is happening and consistent. For example: if you lose one pound per month for the next five years that totals 60 pound which is a fantastic achievement. Any weight loss over and beyond the example given would be absolutely phenomenal. Be positive always about the successes you are having no matter how diminutive when it comes to your weight loss. Every small amount of weight loss that occurs is positive; therefore, you should be motivated by each successful movement.

5. Keep weight loss goals small and remember that it’s a journey, not a sprint.

Smaller weight loss goals are easier to attain. Therefore, keep the weight loss goals that you set for yourself small. Try setting weight loss goals which only go out one or two weeks at a time, not months. Stay away from event goals such as; weddings, class reunions, or summertime fitness goals, etc. The reason for staying away from event goals is because once you reach the actual affair the “event goal”turns off. Setting event goals acts as if you are holding your breath for a very long time and at the event you finally get to exhale. Only the exhale is more psychological than physical which can be even more detrimental to the overall weight loss journey. All the “dieting” pressure and stressors are relieved for a moment; however, the likelihood of the weight loss stressors returns with greater force. Once event goals are turned off mind and body tries to returns to its previously perceived normal habits, before the goal was set. This is until you are able to create enough motivation to continue the journey.

top 10 tips for weight loss

6. Core – make sure you do not neglect your core when working out.

Strengthening the skeletal structure and the muscles around it does not always ensure that a back injury will not occur. Without strengthening the core you will likely develop a false sense of core stability because of the rest of your muscles around the skeletal structure are stronger. This can easily lead to lower back problems during heavy lifting or sudden movements as your core stabilizers are not truly strengthened. Be sure to strengthening the core muscles to assist in preventing lower back injuries.

7. Don’t Diet, Plan

The reason I say don’t diet is because dieting leads to a false sense of weight loss. Even though the weight loss that is occurs is actually happening the likelihood of keeping the weight off is slim. Dieting in most cases will set you up for failure or long-term weight yo-yoing. Slowly changing eating habits is more effective in the long term. Short-term dieting or yo-yo/crash dieting starts a rubber band effect. You lose weight fast but once the diet ends the weight comes back plus a few extra pounds. It seems that many people do understand this principle in theory.I find many people continuing to allow company’s marketing“quick fix” products to dictate their weight loss journey. This will almost always assure the person stays on the hamster wheel of weight loss. Try to be aware and stay away from the marketing schemes that want to trick you into dieting with pills, drinks, and potions because there is little to no success in actual dieting.

8. Do not let the scale rule your weight loss.

Weighing yourself is a good idea;however, not every day. The human body can fluctuate from two to five pounds and even sometimes more from the time you get out of bed in the morning until the afternoon. Weighing every day can cause a person to be discouraged about meeting the small short-term weight loss goals suggested earlier.don’t If the scale is ruling your weight loss each time you look at the number on the scale and it moves up because of simple water weight you are likely to take a step back psychologically. The step back in the mind leads to unhealthy eating, laziness, and lack of exercise which in turn leads to true weight gain. The pessimistic attitude can actually create the reality that small weight loss or gains are in fact the same. In actuality this is most likely not the true case if the diminutive weight loss is constant.

9. Water

Drinking distilled water every day can help you to fire up weight loss or even help break through the brick wall of not being able to lose weight. The” brick wall” happens to almost everyone who is on their weight loss journey. It’s when the weight is coming off and all then sudden out of seemingly nowhere it just stops. Seemingly no matter what a person does it becomes extremely difficult and almost impossible to lose another pound. In my experience this happens to everyone who has more than twenty pounds of body fat to lose. When this happens start drinking a gallon of distilled water every day and then completely change what foods are being eaten at what times during the day. Once more in my experience only about 5 days to a week of this activity is needed in order to spark the fat burning and weight loss going again.

10. The Craving Hour

Switching your “craving hour” can help promote fat burning and weight loss. What is the craving hour? The craving hour is usually later in the day when you crave certain foods. This occurs sometimes just before bedtime which can be the worst time to have these unhealthy cravings. Usually the craving houris when we want to eat things such as; pop, snack foods, ice cream, or leftover pasta etc… In my opinion it is very acceptable to switch your craving hours to morning which means any time before 10:00 AM. So eating ice cream at eight o’clock in the morning is very acceptable. Eating a piece of pie, cake, leftover pasta etc. is much easier to burn off by your body then if you eat it at seven o’clock at night sit around and then go to bed.


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