Top 5 Mind Awakening Poems from CLP

Written By: Michaelson Williams - Aug• 18•15

top 5 mind awakening poems

Top 5 Mind Awakening Poems from CLP

There are 33 “mind awakening poems” within the pages of CLP – Corrective Linguistic Programming; How To Achieve Your Positive Life INTUITIVELY. In this “Top 5” list I chose what I feel are the top five “Mind Awakening Poems” of CLP. This list is based upon the simple criteria that each poem invokes a sense of awakening consciousness of mind. The poems also had to display the ability to raise questions from deep within the inner-self about factors of negative conditioning on society or the individual reader. The choices I made are personally based upon me along and will look completely different as you read the remaining 28 poems from your own copy of CLP. The full effects of CLP poems cannot be measured in this “Top 5” list as CLP uses verbal, meditative, and visual stimulation in its design. Therefore, I cannot fully demonstrate the potential positive impact of CLP poetry on the mind from this “Top 5” list. I hope you enjoy this “Top 5” list of “Mind Awakening” poems and be sure to click the links below for more top three, five, and 10 lists. All poems were written originally by Michaelson Williams.

  1. What’s Built In

What’s built in isn’t real | The real is yet to be revealed | Highly concealed beneath the grit and grain | When I look deeper, up rises feelings of shame | That I have forgotten what’s hidden, behind curtains so sheer | Although not neatly package deceit, still ever so clear | I never really looked closer; tide to my heavily conditioned fears | Securely attached like a stage-puppet, I let others maneuver my gears | I woke from my deception, thinking of rage, and shaking my fist | Acts completely unnecessary; now as I am wholeness wrapped in bliss | There is no need to run away, the past is behind | The onion layers are peeled away, I’m left feeling sublime | Now that is What’s Built In.

  1. Transformation Over Time

We change over time | And time changes us | The way we think, the way we live | There really isn’t much fuss | Some of us do it purposefully | And some of us are forced | Change will come for all of us | Directions, winds, and course | Even if you fight the change | Transformation takes place | One day when you wake from dreams | Life slaps you in the face | You’ve wasted some much precious time | Trying to stay the same mind trapped in its own cave | Working to elude the pressures from huge crashing waves | Thinking you will unwrap the present with the same old brain | Now there is nothing wrong with dreaming | As long as you’re in control | Dreams which are focus strictly | Transforms into reality full of accomplished goals.

top 5 mind awakening poems Top 5 Mind Awakening Poems from CLP

  1. Champions’ of True Success

Champions’ of True Success never rest | Never waver when being put to the test | Never sleeping as the slumbering giants call | They seldom whine when backed against the wall | The Champions of True Success always take the blame | Never feel shame and are majestic at the top of their game | They are hard wired to take on the world | From the time when they were innovative little boys and girls | Champions of True Success, scream from mountains high | Remembering every rickety step on rocks, donning wings that could not fly | Never forgetting the “bullies” and thanking them for the success | The knock downs on the playgrounds were preparation for life’s true test | That’s right “bully”; we are thanking you for making us strong | Our parents tried to blame you for everything they did wrong | All of their troubles and faults almost turned us into mush | If not for knock downs and rise ups, we would have never pushed | The real bully is the one which always persist | Standing there behind your back laughing and shacking its fist | It’s built within the fabric of society crushing and stealing the wish | Concealed neatly in a pretty box, however delivered with a Judas kiss | Now we are Champions with tough skin and power within the vanes | Holding our heads up high proudly for what we’ve laid claim | We are Champions of success; acknowledgement of knowing the truth | True Success was our from birth, however it was stolen in our youth | Champion of True Success never will it be stolen; never again | Never giving it up so easily, held close as our best friend | Never indecisive, never fear stricken, and never stumbling | We will also be the Champions of True Success even if the world is crumbing.

  1. The I Am

I am who I am doesn’t mean we don’t try to change | The I Am isn’t to be use as a scapegoat for reason to stay the same | I am who I am goes much deeper and farther | The I Am is not to be left alone and forever should we ponder | I am who I am people use it to escape what’s real | The I Am isn’t absent of thought only relying of what we feel | I am who I am; someone used it to control our brains | The I Am isn’t for a life where everyone’s ashamed | I am who I am; we use it and refuse to think | The I Am isn’t a flaw in the armor that once exposed is a chink | I am who I am should be adorned with great supremacy | The I Am isn’t a way in order to be separated from humanity | I am who I am stretches all across the Universe | If you choose to misused The I Am you’ll never find your worth | I am who I am lives within each and every one of us | Misuse of The I Am will always break someone’s trust | I am who I am with dreams and expectations | Because I Am the Great I Am my life is my own creation.

  1. The Real Matrix

What is the matrix? | Nothing more than a system of control | What is the matrix? | Nothing more than confusion, stealing focus from your goals | What is the matrix? | Nothing more than misdirection | What is the matrix? | Nothing more than lost of affection | What is the matrix? | Nothing more than negative information streams | What is the matrix? | Nothing more than programming directed greatly on crushing your dreams | What is the matrix? | Nothing more than a clever way to make sure you’re asleep | What is the matrix? | Nothing more than wolves cloaked as Sheppard’s herding their sheep | What is the matrix? | Nothing more than a place where you don’t have to fit | What is the matrix? | Are you awake enough to protect the next generation from it?

“Top 5 Mind Awakening Poems from CLP” was written by: Michaelson Williams

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